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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crufts & Fozzie update

Well this is the first opportunity I have had to write about Crufts as I have only just got over the tiredness. I was up between 4-00am and 4-30am each day and didn't get home till roughly 8pm on all but the Friday evening.We actually travelled up to Birmingham everyday.

The Thursday was for the YKC event. My 10 yr old niece Beth was in this event with Disney. She actually trains Woody every week,but at the KC festival last year ,I entered Disney for her to run as well, so it would give her more runs as they were travelling up for the whole weekend. Unfortunately Mr reliable Woody had a bad day,they were firing guns in the distance somewhere, so he was a little spooked, but Disney managed to come second in the qualifier and gave him & Beth a ticket straight to Crufts! Disney is not an easy dog to work and is a real mummy's boy. He will work for anyone ,however if things go wrong he will stop & look for me and run out of the ring.Toni Dawkins has tried to work him several times and each time he has run out of the ring to look for me. So I was extremely nervous at Crufts that he may do the same. Beth handled him beautifully,but it was quite a trappy little course with the jumps set very close and unfortunately he was eliminated.

Friday was the team day. Disney was once again a real star. He picked up 5 faults on the dogwalk but worked so well.Unfortunately 2 of the team members got eliminated so we didn't get though to the Final.

Saturday I was back up watching my obedience trainer in the Championship Obedience. Janet & Dallas were superb. Dallas is only 3 years old and put in a fantastic heelwork round, but was a little too keen on his send away and retrieve. However he finished a very credible 7th.

I spent an absurd amount of money at Crufts. All my dogs got new expensive collars, and Fozzie even got a lovely bling collar !!!!
Not sure where all the rest of my money went but I came back with shampoo,treats,leads,shoes for me,toys for the dogs plus some other bits & bobs.


Well my little lad is 5 months old today. I really don't know what is happening with his coat. Its going dark..I think I shall have to take him back cause I wanted a paler dog ;-)) ( just joking of course)

He is teething so badly. He has stopped wanting to play ragger,won't hold anything and actually seems to be quite depr
essed, I think he is in quite a lot of pain.
He sort of has a sad look in his eyes, and he's stopped being naughty. I can't wait for all the teeth to come through and have my naughty,mischievous boy back.
He's about 16" at the shoulder now,so I would think will definitely be Large. I would have quite liked for him to be a medium,so unless he stops growing now I don't think that's going to happen,however I have kept records of all my dogs weights and heights as they have grown and Disney was 16" at the same age and he did stop growing !! But Disney was a much lighter framed dog and Fozzie already weighs the same as Disney does now. He is however shorter in the leg than his half brother Chip, but longer in the back so I haven't a clue really where he will end up height wise.
The pictures were taken yesterday and today. The one of him sitting looking away from camera is just to show his coat colour.


  1. He does look quite miserable on the photo, Rosie. Poor Chap, hope he gone through this teething stage quicker! I think he has a lovely dark brown coat, he definitely looks very handsome to me!

  2. Forgot to mention, saw Disney's ran in the Team event, he looked fab!