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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can I help ?

My eldest son Tony came round last night with my belated Mothers Day present,a lovely bunch of flowers and some chocolates..I have told him I am on a diet,now I shall just have to force myself to eat them..ha ha

Tony is a real dab hand at flower arranging..I don’t know where he gets this flair from ,but hey I wasn’t going to stop him.

Anyway Fozzie was totally enthralled by what Tony was doing, I just had to take some piccies.

Arr you're arranging the pretty flowers

I can help..go on let me


  1. Ahh that Fozzie gets more yummy everytime i see him...never mind the chocolates i could eat Fozzie lol !!


    ps you were worried about Fozzie prospects maybe he wants to become a florist!!

  2. On a diet! Does that mean Jenny and I will have to eat your cream tea when you visit sunny Devon this weekend?