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Friday, February 27, 2009

Wonderful Weather & Fozzie update

Well I have been told off today that I haven't updated my blog for 2 weeks.So I thought I had better do so. Today was fantastic, temperatures up to 15 degrees,so my childminding friend and I did a lovely walk around Virginia Waters. She had 3 children and I had one,she had one dog and I had 4 so it sort of balanced out..

We decided ,as the weather was so great ,to do the long walk right round the lake, 6 miles I think it is. I had taken Fozzie as I have a lower section on my pushchair that he can sit in when he gets tired...ha ha.
We then decided to go to the garden centre(actually at Virginia Water) and have lunch.That added another 2 miles!! We sat outside as it was so warm. We chilled out for about an hr there and then let the kids play in the playground area for a while.
We couldn't believe it when we checked our watches when we got back to the car/van..we had been there for 5 hours !!!!!!!!
The dogs had all had a great time & little Fozzie..well he didn't rest as much as I had hoped,but he did get some .!!
Here are some pics taken with my mobile phone.


Well Fozzie had his first proper Competition Obedience lesson last week. I have got some video ,but to be honest its probably not the most exciting video to watch as he did lots of small static exercises. If I can edit it down I may put it on here at a later date.
He was a brilliant boy especially as he was quite tired. We had been down to visit my best friend down in Devon for the 3 days previous and he had been a very busy boy,not to mention also doing some lovely walks. Jane has 9 dogs,including a 9 mth old puppy herself ,so Fozzie was pretty much on the go the whole time we were there.

In the last 3 weeks he has started to panic bark ,particularly if he hears a dog or strange noise in the distance. I do try to ignore it as much as I can and I have been told that this is sometimes a stage they can go through at his age. I really hope he'll grow out of it.He is so confident that it surprised me.
He is at long last almost house trained. His bladder control is much better and he will always *go* when we put him out, he hasn't had an accident indoors now for 5 days !!!!!!!!!! The last time he pooed indoors was the night after we came home from Devon. I found out later that he had consumed a whole bucket of Chicken food..gulp (Jane has chickens in her garden also !!)

As far as his proper diet is concerned ( lol) he is now 95% raw fed and doing exceptionally well. In fact so well that I may have to cut his rations now as he has started to get a bit porky.

I haven't taught him any new tricks in the last 2-3 weeks. He started to offer lots of behaviours at obedience training and my trainer thought he seemed slightly confused,I guess there is only so much a puppy can take in.
So its just been play,play,play and little bits of his Obedience work for the last few weeks.

And lastly his coat is growing...phew. I was beginning to think he wasn't going to be hairy,but its changed a lot over the last week.

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  1. Fozzie is growing fast. He looks more leggy now! It would be nice to meet him sometimes.