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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I took my boys for one of their fun swimming sessions yesterday. Fozzie wants to be a big boy now, or so he thinks ( well he is nearly 4 months old.. .lol lol) and to join in all the fun from the start.You should have heard him barking excitedly and creating trying to get into the water before I was even ready. We wanted to put him in a life jacket to start off ,it was real struggle getting it on because he just wanted to get in the water. I want him to be confident in the water and with the big boys charging all over the place & jumping in, I didn't want him to be scared .. Well I shouldn't have worried at all.As is usual with Fozzie ,he was totally 100% confident..nothing seems to faze this little chap.He was extremely strong & quick in the water for for one so young.
We decided to take the life jacket off him right at the end , just for a few minutes to see how he coped and as you will see..NO problem.
Sorry the video is a little blurred in places..the lens kept steaming up !!

Swimming Feb 2009 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


  1. It's lovely to see everyone's video footage of their dogs having fun in the water. I tried a few sessions of hydrotherapy with my Boxer when she was recovering from a cruciate repair operation, but she just HATED it! She was very stressed by the whole experience and I gave up after 3 sessions. Shame. I'd love to have seen her swimming happily like your boys.

  2. They look like they had such a good time, little Fozzie doesnt worry about anything does he !!