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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Yesterday we had snow,the most snow we have had in about 20 years in this part of the country. It was truly a winter wonderland & the dogs had so much fun. The bad part about it was the snow balls that attached themselves to Disney & Woody's legs,at one point they could hardly walk. Each time we have bought them back in we have had to place them in a warm bath up to their stomachs to get all the snow balls off. Fortunately Chip & Woody didn't get any . How I envied everyone with short coated dogs on this occasion !
I love this picture of the boys all together taken today in the sun. I have also added a little video I took yesterday at about 7-30 am showing how much fun they had, poor little Fozzie he tried so hard to keep up with the big guys.

I have just come to the conclusion after looking at everyones blogs, that I must be a terrible owner !! I never put coats on my dogs,whereas other bloggers are buying such beautiful ones to put on their dogs...Oh I am bad
The Boys having fun in the snow Feb 2009 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


  1. Ha ha ha yes what a mean mum you are lol lol but they have their own lovely coats already attached to them :-)

  2. Love the photo, the boys look so good in the snow.