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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Co-ordination & Balance

Firstly just wanted to say that Disney has sort of accepted Fozzie into the gang. Disney's still not 100% sure of Fozzie,but at least they can all be in the same room and walk around with each other. Disney never really accepted Chip, so I am really pleased that it hasn't taken too long for him to tolerate Fozzie.

Fozzie went on a co-ordination & balance course yesterday.
http://agilitydogsfitness.blogspot.com/ It was held literally 5 minutes from my house ,how great was that !
Fozzie is one of the youngest pupils Hannah has had on a course,he was 5 days off being 4 months. I knew he'd be confident because of all the things he has done so far in his short life,but I think Hannah was quite amazed at just how confident he was & what good co-ordination he had. He's a great little dog. I was expecting him to be tired when we got home,in fact I was really hoping he would be, because I was going out to a party and leaving him with hubby to look after. I left him securely tucked up in his crate with a nice full tummy and with his mates in the same room. When I got home about 3 hrs later it was clear he hadn't been tired at all,he had protested the moment I went out that I had confined him to quarters, and had spent the entire evening charging around ,annoying Woody & Chip and causing mayhem. Hubby had bought a DVD to watch,However I get the impression he hadn't watched much of it..lol

Here is the video of his Balance & Co-ordination class.


  1. Loved the video. Looks like you both really enjoyed yourselves. I think this is a fantastic thing Hannah does. I went with Zeki (sadly didn't get any video) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Still say it's one of the most enjoyable training sessions I've done with any of my dogs. We've incorporated lots of her ideas into our foundation training.

  2. He looks great rosie. But I have to admit I kept rewinding the video trying to see the sable sheltie pup in the background! hehe