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Friday, January 09, 2009

Video of Fozzie clicker training

Well I thought I would add this little video I did of Fozzie doing some clicker work. He is certainly not up to the standard of some of the puppies on other blogs ,but I am still pleased with him. Unfortunately I had to stop throwing the tit bits on the floor so I have had to reward from my hand,which isn't always so good.Because of Fozzies tummy troubles I have had to stick with using his normal food ,which is very very small kibble,when I threw it for him after I clicked he would spend ages hunting for the treat and it rather defeated the purpose and he'd lose interest.

So whats on the Video...well there is the basic sit,down and the start of the stand for obedience.A give paw(just for fun) Coming into heelwork position and present, also for obedience and the start of a wait (obedience and Agility).Then theres hand touch,which is useful for several things. I have also started teaching him go to a mark for his media work. How this is trained is by using a large object and getting him to go to that and placing 2 feet on it,then gradually making the mark smaller and smaller until you get to a small piece of wood etc about 3" square by approx 1.2 " thick,you then also add distance to this. Eventually you can use anything for a mark .So on a TV/Film set a piece of gaffer tape would even do. On one job with Disney we were out on a shoot in a field and we ended up using just a big leaf for his mark.
So here is the Video of Fozzie. I hope you like the Music ! I thought it was very apt because of his name :-)

Fozzie 12 weeks Clicker work from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


  1. Awww... he is so cute, Rosie.

  2. Wow hes doing really well Rosie, what a clever little guy and so cute with it xxxx

  3. Can you get some decent biscuits for training on Sunday?