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Friday, January 30, 2009

Proud Mum & Clever Dogs + Fozzies new trick

Disney with his 2007 & 2008 Awards
Woody with his 2007 & 2008 Awards
Chip with his First 2 years of competing Awards

Well I eventually did it. I sorted out all my boys rosettes and trophies that they had won during the years 2007 & 2008. I had the help of my older minded school children,they thought it was great helping me sort all the rosettes into places and colours and then helping me pin them on the backdrop (hence they are not quite perfect !) However I drew the line to them helping me with the glass trophies,they are very special and very fragile. So here are the pics of Disney,Woody & Chip with their awards..what clever boys.

Little Fozzie learns a new trick.

My best friend reckons I have too much time on my hands..lol. Fozzie is very active and quite mad in the evenings so I tend to use this time to train him and teach him new tricks,otherwise he just runs round causing havoc and mayhem by either chewing or stealing things,charging round bouncing on & off the sofa or annoying the other dogs. So this is the latest trick I taught the other night..Ride the Skateboard. Well within 5-10 minutes I had him doing what you see on the Video below..what a little star. Its still needs perfecting and extending but this is for starters.
How can such a bright lad be so hard to housetrain ??


  1. All clever boys (and Fozzie). I started to teach the skateboard trick to Zeki when I baby-sat Bernadette's puppies. It's great fun isn't it!

  2. Congratulations - well done! Have a great week!


  3. go Fozzie go...hell be snowboarding next! lol

    Fozzie i think is house trained..hes just training you to think that he doesnt know what its about..very bright boy :)

  4. WOW! Well done to the boys especially Chip!