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Friday, January 23, 2009

Fozzie 14 wk update,Vaccination dilemma & news

Firstly had to include this lovely photo of the whole Ison Hairy Gang (including my daughters 2 dogs) I just love this picture,but I feel I should dye Wispa the poodle,she's totally the wrong colour ..ha ha ;-)


Well...Fozzie has had his second Jab . I had him titre tested last week after his first vaccination and the results came back that he had extremely low antibodies to Parvo but his Distemper was OK. I phoned my Vet for advice and she said had it been the other way round she'd have left well alone because distemper is virtually eradicated now, but as it was the Parvo that was low she suggested I just have the single parvo jab and the 2nd lepto. She phoned every where for me to get the single vaccine but no-one had it !!! So I had to do some real soul searching on this issue and decided to have the complete vaccine done.
If he was an adult and his titre had been low I would have left alone, because as long as there is some antibodies there they are protected and just haven't been challenged by the virus,but with a puppy I wasn't prepared to take that chance.At the same time I had Chips booster done as he hasn't been boosted for over 3 years and Woody & Disney just had their Lepto vaccine. Once again I had to put a great deal of thought into whether to give them this or not. We have actually seen rats both near the river near where we live and also on the fields where I walk.Lepto is a very short lived vaccine..anywhere from between 6-9 mths(maybe a year) and only covers a couple of strains,however it does cover the most prevalent strain L. icterohaemorrhagiae.So I decided to go ahead with vaccination this year and I shall re evaluate next year. So far all the boys seem fine ,but I am watching them like a hawk.

Training update

Fozzies training is coming on really well. I have included an update video below which includes a couple of new tricks. He is very responsive now to the clicker and as soon as I get it out ,I have his full attention. He had his first proper Obedience lesson with my trainer on Wednesday & we were both very pleased with his attitude and attention span, yes he is still very young and has moments when he likes to have a little wander off,but its only for a very short time and then he's right back waiting for the next thing to do. I am also pleased that even if he's playing with Woody or Chip I can get a toy out and he will happily play with me instead.
He is still one very naughty puppy and house training is still a bit of a nightmare and boy does he chew !!!!!!!!!!! Everything and everything is stolen and chewed. My handbag has now been re designed with teeth marks .. Grrrr.
His hair is still taking a time to come through but I can now see the start of a beard. His under coat is quite pale so I think he will be very pale when he's fully grown.
Touch wood his diarrhea is completely gone. He was on a diet of Fish & Potato kibble for 2 and half weeks and then this week I started him on on raw food. Just one meal a day of Chicken & Tripe to start and he's been 100% fine.Next week I will add some more variety & increasing to 2 meals of raw a day.
I have a brand new bigger dog food freezer arriving on Sunday so at long last I can order more stuff from my supplier.
So that's my news for this week.Here is the Fozzie Video

Little Fozzie doing his clicker work aged 14 weeks from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


  1. Wow Rosie he is coming on in leaps and bounds and is having a lovely time, he is such a cute clever little chap xx

  2. He is so cute, Rosie. I like his "hide", that is the cutest hide!