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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Xmas Pressies and the Manners Minder update

We had a wonderful Xmas. We went to my son Tony's for Xmas day and he cooked a superb Christmas dinner. In the evening the rest of the family arrived and we had such a fun evening playing games.I had also bought some indoor fireworks which caused great amusement. Unfortunately we had to leave the dogs at home , but fortunately Tony doesn't live too far away so we were able to go home to check up on then every few hrs.
On boxing Day we went to my ex sister in laws. Once again we played silly games and had a great afternoon/evening. Sunday we went down to see my Mum & Dad.
Mum finds it hard work nowadays having lots of people to entertain so we took all the food with us, so she could have a nice relaxing time with no stress. Once again all the family came.

I had some wonderful presents from everyone. I got a Motor Mover for my new caravan !!!! the Dawn Weaver book, several funny dog books, The Photoshop programme for my laptop, some wonderful croc slippers, a lovely warm hat, plus lots of other bits and bobs ,so I was well and truly spoilt this year.



Now back to the Manners Minder. I received it very quickly but it was faulty. It didn't click every time I pressed the remote, so it was very frustrating.Also if I was further away than about 2 ft it didn't work at all ! I contacted the person I got it from and he was fantastic and so helpful..great customer service which you rarely see nowadays.
He sent me a new remote which I received the very next day, however it was still faulty. So without a second thought he sent me a brand new until (which he tested beforehand) and that arrived also next day. This one seems fine but the weather has been so bad I haven't been able to try it outside on the contacts yet. I wanted to start teaching Fozzie it straight away , so I have started work indoors running him to a mat or doing an instant down and then bleeping the Manners Minder. Fozzie has grasped the idea indoors very quickly so I am hopeful it will get me the independent contact I want from him. I have attached a small video showing it. He is better going away from me than coming forward, which is great as I will rarely be in front of him at the contacts.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Header

For Christmas I got given Photoshop for my laptop. I have never done anything like this with my pictures before, just basic editing etc so this new header took me quite a while to do and isn't quite as creative as some blog headers!!!. However I am sure I will get better at it as time goes on....Maybe !

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

Today we had a lovely walk on the common nr my Mums. The dogs had a fantastic time

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Manners Minder

Well I've decided to invest in a Manners Minder.
Its a training tool, and I am going to try it on my contacts with Fozzie and then maybe Chip. I train the contacts alot on my own, and I have been struggling with how I want them to be. I had started to do a 4 off position with him, but Fozzie started to jump off, so I then trained a 2 on 2 off position. Unfortunately if I was anywhere other than the very end of the dogwalk ,he'd creep down to the end position. If I placed a titbit container or toy at the end , he'd go quickly to it but he was self rewarding himself before I could get there whether he'd done it right or wrong. I want his contacts to be fast and independent and I was only getting what I want if I was actually at the end of the dogwalk or A frame. At club he'd happily fly across the contact as long as someone was standing at the end squeaking his toy or waving it around calling his name, just no good to me when I'm on my own. I have spoken with several people who have used the Manners Minder with great success. So I thought I'd buy one. It will also be useful for obedience sendaways , as well as go-ons in Agility. It will also hopefully be great for my own classes. So hopefully weather permitting over Xmas I will be starting work on it. Watch this space........

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Off to Battersea

Fozzie is 14 mths old now and you'd expect him to be growing up wouldn't you? He really is the naughtiest puppy/dog I've ever owned. This is what he did last night whilst I was in the bath !!!!! These shoes are less than 3 wks old and weren't cheap either . So he's off to Battersea today I just can't afford him anymore ;-) Mind you hubby was in same room but didn't seem to notice the chewing....... MEN

I now have no decent non doggy shoes to wear.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

By Jove he's got it !!!

Well today we had our monthly Toni Dawkins training day at my field. In the morning it was the young dogs/puppies. Unfortunately the rain (or should I say hail) came after an hr, it thundered and blew a gale so we abandoned ship. We were due to have another session in the afternoon for the older dogs, which I hastily cancelled, however literally 10 minutes later , the rain stopped and the sun came out !!! So it was all on again.

As I had done so little in the morning Toni said I could bring Fozzie back out to do some work in the next class. Obviously she had set harder exercises, but she made them slightly easier for Fozzie. Well I was amazed at him. As I said in a previous post he is far more confident in my field and boy was he today. I was overjoyed and it has made me realise I must stop working him at club and continue to get this drive and confidence in the field first. Toni also looked closely at my contacts. She agreed that he was beginning to anticipate the end position far too much ( as can be seen on the first Dog walk in the video) So she then asked me to show her what it was like with the mat ( as I originally taught) She feels for Fozzie this is by far the best way to go. We also did a couple of A-frames and although he didn't go as low into the contact as I would like , he once again had better drive and commitment over it.

I finished the day on a real high and what a wk....His Obedience is brill and now his agility is coming together.....HOORAY:clap:.:clap:.:clap:.
Here is a small video of him..Please post a reply if you can't watch it and I'll post a smaller blogger one.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Chuffed to Bits.

Yesterday was Fozzies Obedience training day. I am so very proud and chuffed with his attitude and his work. I have included a video taken. This will probably be the last video I take for a while, as really we are just extending/improving what he already knows so won't have much to show really. I will leave it a couple of months or more and re take some in the new year.

Hopefully his next video on here may be of some Agility training!! I am still struggling with him in the Agility, obviously Obedience looks to be his forte. Pity I'm not as keen on it as I am in agility

I have uploaded it in 2 formats because I have been told that some of you can't view Vimeo movies. Vimeo is a much better format with superior quality , I couldn't use youtube for this video because it blocked the attached tune !!! so for those that can't view vimeo I have also downloaded it via blogger.


This was held last week weekend at Earls Court in London. I always love going to Discover Dogs and once again both Disney & Woody were invited to go.
Woody was invited primarily because of his appearance on childrens TV at the moment in *Gigglebiz*. He was such a good boy, but for some reason this year struggled with the surface, which meant he couldn't jump properly. However he wasn't an embarrassment even though he was up against all Grade 7 handlers bar one. He missed a couple of contacts, but that was my fault for not working him properly, because I was concerned about his jumping action.

Woody was the only non collie there and the children loved him, and all came to see him afterwards.

Disney once again absolutely adored being under the spotlight. It is truly hard to remember sometimes he is 11 and half years old !!! unfortunately he took a slight fall off the Dogwalk in the first round, and in the second round missed his A-frame but he still came in 5th !!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Video problem

Just to say I have redone the video below of Fozzie at Obedience. I was told it was freezing half way through, so I re sent it to You Tube and its working fine now.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Long Time !!

I really thought I ought to update my blog. I know my Mum reads my blog a lot and she'll be telling me off for not updating it regularly. I am always moaning at others for not keeping it up to date, and then here am I doing the exact same thing !!!!

So here goes.. this is all the news from end of September up to today.

I'll start with the shows that I did at the end of Sept and the one I did in October.

First off was Stour Valley. The sun shone most of the weekend. The boys all worked well and between them got some nice places ( no top 3 though and no video!)

Then onto Suffolk Five Rivers

Lovely show, and although its a long way to go its always worth it. We were once again really lucky this year by having the most glorious weather.
I managed to get locked into the huge exercise area on arrival day, which caused everyone much amusement. When I took the boys out the gates were open, and not a soul around. I had a wonderful walk and was gone about an hr, however when I got back the gates were padlocked shut. Fortunately I had my mobile phone with me and rang my mate Jennie, who in turn contacted the show organisers who then contacted the show groundsman,who eventually came and let me out!!!

We had a very successful weekend with Chip getting 2 top ten places in Gd 6. However in 2 of his rounds he ran past the last jump ( and he was clear up till then) to get his ball !! I have worked hard on Chip this yr to get him to go on, especially towards the finish line, and in training I use his ball, so I suppose I have to forgive him.However it was harder for him to go round the jump rather than actually jump it !!!
Disney and Stella won the medium pairs and Disney also got a 2nd in Gd 7 jumping. Woody again was a little star and got 4 places out of 4 classes including 2 4ths. Here is a video of some of their runs.

My last show was Mid Downs at the Autumn country Fair at Ardingly. I love this show with only one ring to worry about ,its nice and relaxed, but best of all a lovely show to look around. It was a bit of a chilly blustery day, but thankfully dry.

I was very pleased with the way both Chip and Woody worked, Disney couldn't compete as there were no medium classes there. Woody did 2 lovely rounds but unfortunately had a pole down in one and missed his dog walk contact in the other. Chip came 6th in the Gd 6 Jumping and was going really well in the Agility, but some shoddy handling on a jump near the end scuppered any chance of a place...duh !! You can see it on the Video. I have posted even the not so good rounds.

Fozzies Obedience is coming on really well. I am really pleased with him:clap:. He has a lovely action in heelwork and his set exercises are very clean. I have now just got to fine tune everything and he'll be ready to compete early next year.

Whereas his Agility isn't quite so hot and I am struggling to enjoy training him at the moment. He is a spooky little dog, and he switches off easily. I am really struggling to keep him motivated, and if he gets upset by anything then I just can't get a thing out of him. I am not sure if its an age thing as he is still so puppyish or whether unfortunately I just have to accept I don't have another willing agility dog this time. I know(and yes I've been told countless times) that Chip also didn't have the spark when he started, but he was always very willing, and didn't switch off, also he is/was as cool as a cucumber and never ever spooks at anything !! So with Chip I didn't have to fight and work with other problems as well.

I had a private lesson with Fozzie yesterday, and it was dire. He spent the first 15 minutes spooking,barking,growling at 2 horses that had coats on them ,they were in the field next to the agility field. I just couldn't do a thing with him & I was getting more and more depressed(which obviously didn't help matters). he'd do a jump and then start being paranoid again about the horses ! he'd then sniff the ground looking for imaginary titbits, and then notice the horses again. Eventually we did 2 lines of jumps, with a massive reward and that was the end of the lesson....one very expensive line of jumps :( !!!
When I got home I was so down in the dumps , I even starting having awful thoughts of re homing him.:tears: !!! I never ever thought I'd even consider such a thing !

Having said all this,today I've decided to * lift myself up,brush myself off and start all over again* as the song goes :yes: . I've given myself a slap on the face, pulled myself together and told myself to just accept Fozzie for what he is, and try and get the best I possibly can from him. I may just continue training him in my field for the time being, and not take him to other venues until I have built his confidence(and mine) up again. When I feel he's beginning to enjoy it again, then I will do some one off training sessions elsewhere so he gets used to other equipment etc.
I will see??

Fozzie also just over a wk ago had Lungworm(or suspected Lungworm as it was never tested for) The fact he responded so quickly to the Panacur ,coupled with the fact none of my other dogs started coughing also sort of confirmed it. I suppose it could have been an extremely mild case of Kennel Cough but NO dogs he had been in contact with have coughed so I think not. I now have to deliberate over the best preventative treatment to give him & my others. Advocate is supposed to be the best, but there are so many differing opinions over whether it is safe for collies and their crosses!!

and lastly......

Last week I went down to see my best mate Jane in Devon. I only took Woody with me,basically because I wasn't happy about taking Fozzie to Janes as she has so many other dogs, plus a 3 wk old puppy. As there was(at the time) an element of doubt about the kennel cough/lungworm we felt it best to leave him home. I therefore had to leave Chip as his companion. It was actually lovely just having the one dog and being able to give him 100% of my time, and Woody is such a good dog to have around. He is wonderful with all Janes dogs & puppies and totally trustworthy with all her Chickens/Ducks/Ferretts/Cats !!!!!!
We had several lovely long walks whilst I was there, and Jane is such a brilliant cook , we also had some lovely meals & cakes.Unfortunately my diet lapsed and hasn't really returned..Ooops.

However whilst I was there my 19 year old cat Fella had a stroke, he lost the use of one of his legs and also went blind suddenly. Why do these things always happen when I am away? However Steve my hubby was brilliant and dealt with it all. Fella has been on medication now for over a week and I am delighted to say he has made a complete recovery, regained his sight and is back to his old self.

I have joined a local private gym so I am trying hard to get fit. I try to go 3-4 times a week. I do aerobics one evening and then swim for half hr, Step class another evening followed by a swim, and then at least one gym session(bike,rowing etc) followed by a swim. All this coupled with my hourly walk every day with the dogs, plus my agility training I should be super duper fit by next year...he he.

So hopefully by my next post I will have lots and lots of good news to post about Fozzie.
Woody & Disney have been invited to run at Discover Dogs again up at Earls Court next wk.
I am really looking forward to that. I shall be taking Fozzie along for the ride and I am sure it will do him good.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Fozzie

My lovable, but very naughty hairy muppet * Fozzie * is 1 today.
Where has that time gone ?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My boys

I have finished all my agility shows now. Serious winter training starts now, re training all the things I've let slip over the last few months.
I will post about the shows over the next week and add video as well when I've downloaded it.
In the meantime I just wanted to post this pic I took of my 4 boys last week on our walk.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Trial Run

I've just downloaded an application onto my iphone so I can update my blog via the phone whilst I am away. So this is just a trial to see if it works ok !

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poor Fozzie AGAIN !!

You may all recall on my blog back in April reading about Fozzies bad experience at the Easter show when he was 6 mths old. Just to recap he was badly attacked ring side by a Border Terrier, Fozzie sustained a very bad bite on his nose and abrasions to his lip. I reported it and have since heard that the owner got a tap on the hand and a fine of £50..big :censored: deal !! My Fozzie recovered very well although initially if a bouncy dog with a dark face approached him he did try and snap at it a little. Over the past 6 months Fozzie had gone from strength to strength and I had forgotten about his trauma. As anyone who knows him knows, he is a confident puppy and was approaching all dogs happily and in a very friendly manor.

Well yesterday and this morning all that could have changed :(
Last night Fozzie started his big boy agility classes. he was brill and all was going well until a black dog ran for the ball his owner had thrown him(which unfortunately landed by Fozzies feet) and the dog rushed in to get his ball & really growled at Fozzie. After that Fozzie got very worried by all the dark faced dogs in the class !!!

Then on my walk this morning ( an hr earlier than normal cause of work ) a black GSD had a go at him. I was coming round some bushes ,the dogs went round first, and suddenly I heard this scream. I ran round to see Fozzie disappearing screaming down the lane, and the guy hastily putting his dog on the lead.
I was too worried about Fozzie to ask the guy for his name . Fortunately Fozzie ran into an entrance leading to a field and then back tracked to me. However if he'd continued he'd have run onto a busy road and who know what the outcome would have been. By the time I had got Fozzie back the guy was long gone !!!

Fortunately there was no physical injury to Fozzie just mental. I now fear Fozzie will become a fear biter having had 3 bad experiences in his first year and 2 incidents of hostility within 24 hrs. !!

To say I am upset would be an understatement. My Disney has always been nervous of other dogs since he was also attacked by 2 dogs at a very similar age. Disney will never ever start anything but if a dog sniffs him, he'll react and ask questions later !!
I just pray I don't have a repeat of this with Fozzie.


However on a brighter note ,I was overjoyed with him at his first agility class.
It was a very hyper group (to say the least !!!) 6 dogs in the group and 4 of them real barkers and screamers(this probably didn't help the atmosphere amongst the dogs!!)
Fozzie was EXTREMELY keen and enthusiastic. The dog walk was set low on trestles and the instructor suggested trying him with a target pot at the end. Well Fozzie flew over the contact,no hesitation at all on the down plank and on the 2nd attempt even stopped in an almost perfect position. I don't want to rely on the target pot as its not a method I have previously used, but I am going to use a variation of this eventually !!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September news

Where is the year going? here we are almost half way through September, and only 3 more shows till I finish for the winter :-( It seems like only yesterday that I was getting myself ready for my first show in March !

So whats been happening !! Well first off the TV programme *Gigglebiz* that Woody has a part in has started to air on Cbeebies. Its on at 5-35 everyday. He has appeared in the first 4 episodes this wk,with the other 7 of his sketches slotted in over the next 4 wks. So far he looks brilliant ( even though I say so myself) If you want to catch up with some you can do here on the BBC iplayer. There have been some great comments about Woody already on the Cbeebies message board so I am a very proud mum.

Last week Beth my niece qualified Woody for Crufts. She came 2nd in the semi final of the YKC up in Birmingham. She also came 2nd with Disney and as the first place person has decided to take her other dog, Beth has qualified with Disney by default. However Beth can also only take one dog so she will have to decide who she wants to run at Crufts 2010.
Here is a video of her run.

That same weekend I was at Letchworth. I had a great time. It is a lovely relaxed show and the weather was lovely albeit quite windy.
My dogs worked well. Woody clocked up 3 top ten places(good old Mr reliable) but it was Chip I was so pleased with.He came 5th in Graded 6-7 Jumping .He got a second in the Grade1-7 power and speed, being beaten at the very end by 0.02 of a second..WOW !! And then went into combined 6-7 Agility and came 9th. He did a lovely round but once again a slightly slow dog walk & A frame contact made the difference between 3rd and 9th place!!! I only have one video of the weekend and luckily it was this one.


I'm not sure what is happening to his coat !!! However I found an old photo of Chip at roughly the same age and his coat did a very similar thing along the back,so I am keeping my fingers crossed Fozzies will turn out just like Chip's.
The weird and wonderful coat ???

Well hows his training going?.......Well I had a brilliant session at Obedience on Thursday, he was very keen,fast & concentrated. In fact his recall was soooo fast that he crashed through my legs and almost ended up upside down ! I was then paranoid I'd broken him, he was fine though. We did about 15 minutes work and I finished on a real high.
He starts big boy agility in 2 weeks. I am very excited about this,but also quite nervous. This will be the first time since we did our foundation class(when he was 6 mths old) that he has worked in a group setting. I know when I try and do anything in my field with him when I have my other dogs with me,he is really terrible and only focuses his attention on them, so I'm not sure what to expect. This will surely be the title of my next post I expect.

So what have I been doing as regards his agility work ? Well the channel weaves are as near as they can be without him actually having to move his body. I don't like to close the weaves up any further until a) the puppy is about 1 yr old and b) I have got them going into the channels from all angles. I love teaching weaves so I am quite anal about how I do it, but I am quite proud of all my previous dogs weaves, so I shall continue to be this way.
The jumps I have literally just put up onto the small height. Once again I like to wait till they are nearly a year old before I start to jump them properly. Fozzie is fully grown now so I am happy to do this. He is very confident over these so I am pleased.
Lastly his dog walk.....Mmmmm Well......
....I was working on a 4 off dog walk hoping to get speed over the contact but with a controlled down on a mat at the end. All was going well until I put the dog walk on trestles. Once the angle of the decent was altered so was the behaviour I was getting. He started to jump from the end of the walk to his mat rather than run through the contact area to it ! I gave a lot of thought to this, and have spoken to a few people and have sort of decided to revert to 2 on and 2 off. Luckily Fozzie will happily run to a dead toy ,so I hope he will keep the speed we had got over the contact once we put in a stop. Work in progress should I say.
Here is a little video taken today in the field. The camera work is thanks to my 11yr old niece Beth.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

KC Festival, D.I.N and other updates

My holidays are almost over, I have had 3 weeks off and its been wonderful. Firstly some catch up news with Fozzie. Whilst away he turned 10 mths old,unfortunately I didn't get a photo of him but he really hasn't changed at all. I will get one at 11 months old in about 10 days time. He is still as naughty as ever and still stealing everything in sight. I can't relax much with him around. I spoke with the owner of his Granddad(on his dads side) and she didn't make me feel any better,she says he'll probably start to behave when he's about 10 yrs old.......noooooo !!!!!!!!
Here is a picture of his handsome granddad "Wizard" who is a show champion

As far as his training goes I am experiencing some problems creeping in ,which I am putting down to just his age I hope. He seems to get bored very easily and stops trying. If I throw a toy after he has done something ie the weaves he'll dash out and get it but seems in no hurry to get back to try again.He seems a little lack lustre. What he does is very correct but with not much enthusiasm any more. I am also seeing a lot of stubborn behaviour coming in. A sort of *I won't & you can't make me * sort of thing. Its the same with his obedience. He tries hard for about 5 - 10 minutes and then switches off. I am feeling a little despondent about it, but I am sure he'll come right. I had the same issues with him when he was teething, and I guess this is all down to hormones because yesterday he became a man and cocked his leg for the first time !!
He starts big boy agility lessons in about 3-4 wks time, and I am sure once he gets in with a group he'll liven up. It definitely isn't the same for me or the dogs training on my own, I think they need the excitement of others working.
Once we start agility I may stop his obedience training for a while, I will tick along with it, but I am wondering if he's the type of puppy/dog that can't cope with too many things.

So onto my agility holiday.......

Because we were having our house rewired I decided to go away earlier for the KC Festival. My friends Jennie & Andrea also wanted to go away earlier ,so on Sunday 9th August we departed. We stayed on a lovely farm site not far from Market Harborough & only about 15 miles from Kelmarsh Hall where the KC festival was being held. It was a lovely site albeit surrounded by rivers and streams, not so good with a bunch of water loveing dogs ! The daily walk was through a field of horses and fowls and then on the last day a flock of sheep were put in there ! All the dogs were great though. It was a very relaxing 3 days before we went up to the KC Festival and thank goodness it was !!! You'll see why when you read on...
Here is a picture from my caravan

So onto the KC FESTIVAL

Phew that's all I can say. It was enormous. On the Monday before we had driven over to the Hall from our farm to see what it was like,and as Norman was Judging and we were also booking people in on arrival day, we could choose where to camp. There were very few people there and no rings up so it was hard to judge distances. Jennie & Norman always like to be fairly nr the exercise area, whereas I like to be fairly nr to the rings what with running 3 dogs, so we chose what we thought would be a good compromise. It wasn't until everyone arrived and the rings were in place that we realised just how far we were from everything. I must have walked miles. I was camped in the same area as Hannah and if you read her blog on the Festival you will see she has sort of worked out how much walking she must have done with just 2 competing dogs,and I had 3 competing dogs!!. In particular it was worse for me on the Friday as my niece came up to run all my dogs.So in addition to my 3 dogs having 3 runs each with me, plus Disney in the KC Olympia semi's, I also had to go to the ring with Beth every time when she ran the dogs. I was totally exhausted,had a thumping headache by the end of the day and vowed NEVER again. Every trip back from the rings seemed like an eternity.
On the good side Beth ran the dogs beautifully, unfortunately a couple of small errors meant she didn't make the finals but she did brilliantly. Here is a video of her runs. I think I made an error on Woody's run and he didn't infact come 6th in that particular round but in the other one. !!

Woody was brill again for me, unfortunately only got a couple of videos, but here is one

Chip was ..well Chip !! I got some good start line waits from him, but I did some shoddy handling as well. I also had a very bad fall which didn't help my overall feelings for the weekend. It was in the Grade 6 Agility. I was really looking forward to running in the class. It was being judged by Nancy Hudson.I love her handling type of courses. Well I set Chip up in a wait and managed to get a 2 jump wait. When I released him he was supposed to go into the wrong end of the tunnel, however he cut in front of me and literally took me off my feet. I landed in a crumpled mess,hurt my elbow and shoulder and also my bad leg. I made a quick departure mainly through embarrassment !!!! I spoke with Nancy afterwards and she assured me it wasn't any bad handling on my behalf ,it was Chip being naughty !!!

Disney was either fantastic or terrible. He was also in the KC Olympia semi's. I really wanted him to do well as I fear that at aged 11 years his time is running out for Olympia. Amanda Rodgers had set up a lovely course , with some tricky bits but nothing I was really worried about. Disney set off wonderfully(hard to believe he's 11 yrs old) he tackled the bit where most eliminations were happening at the long jump and the 2 jumps after the cloth tunnel, I was now feeling good..into the weaves and then Disney took the wrong end of the tunnel. I really hadn't expected this at all. I sort of gave up then and stopped working him. I have to be honest and say I was very disappointed to say the least. I have included the video anyway. He was working so well.

From the KC Festival we went 120 miles down to Ipswich and Dogs in Need.
We arrived on the Sunday as once again we were helping book everyone into camping.
What a fantastic week weather wise,the sun shone everyday , although there was quite a wind.
Chip totally made up for performances at the KC festival and worked amazingly. He got a 3rd and 6th in Grade 6 jumping and a 9th in Grade 6 agility( with 5 faults) he had the fastest 5 faults and if he hadn't knocked the pole he'd have come 2nd ,only being 0.08 of a second off the winner !!! Once again it was a handling course as opposed to a fast flat out course. it was Judged by Dennis McCauley and was very tricky. Chip was superb with fabulous fast contacts and very tight. Unfortunately I don't have any runs from D.I.N on video, which is sods law as I had some of Chips best ever runs there, maybe that's telling me something ! When they are being filmed they never turn out the best..hmmm.
Chip was also in the Final of the Celebration Connection class,held on the Thursday. Unfortunately I placed myself in the wrong position for the tunnel/tunnel combination and he went in the wrong end ( me and tunnels eh ???????)
Still at least he got to the final.

Disney got through to the Championship Final but unfortunately flew the seesaw which he's been doing quite a bit of late.I don't train him at club anymore and I think my seesaw at home is weighted differently ! Still once again I was very proud to have him in it.

Woody once again came home with several nice places including 2nd in the fancy dress pairs.( Bathing Belles & Wrestlers) His partner was Roo handled by Andrea. Chip and Quiche came 5th in the same class. They would have definitely beaten Woody & Roo on time as they are both very fast,but Chip ran for his ball at the finish line and by the time I had got him back into the box we had lost about 3-4 seconds. We were told afterwards by the judges that infact as long as I was in the box Andrea could have gone,but we didn't know that and I didn't want to be eliminated.

Don't we look a picture

Unfortunately I didn't get any of my dogs into the end of week finals. Typically they did all their best rounds on non qualifying days and on the qualifiers completely mucked up ( I have to say some of the qualifying courses were extremely tricky)
In one of Woody's they had to go from angled 6 weaves to another angled 6 weaves. If dogs weren't getting eliminated or faulted there,they were getting eliminated on a very close tunnel to dog walk combination. I was very confident going into the ring with Woody because I know how honest he is. We got through all the traps and he went into the first weaves(which were at a horrible angle) but for some reason he stopped weaving and looked worried, he then came out of the weave. I jollied him up ,put him back in the weave and he continued perfectly. I don't know what was wrong with him but it cost us a place in the final !

Maybe next year I'll get 4 dogs into the finals...yikes !! 4 dogs to run ,how will I ever manage that.

Next weekend Beth is in the Crufts YKC Semi Finals up in Birmingham with both Disney & Woody. Fingers crossed for them. It would be good to get one of them to Crufts again next year.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Lots of catch up !

I am off on a 2 wk agility holiday in just under a couple of days, so I thought I had better bring my blog up to date before I go.

Firstly a Fozzie update. Well his pre agility training is coming on very well and I am very pleased with him so far. I started a little foundation class for some friends with the intention of training Fozzie in it, but it proved impossible to teach and train so up till 2 weeks ago all my training was done on my own which meant no exciting start lines, just waits. He actually now has an excellent start line wait. However 2 wks ago I started training my sister in laws puppy for 20 minutes before the main class,this enabled me to bring Fozzie out to train with Charlie. It meant for the first time I could have someone hold him and wind him up and I could recall him down long lines of jump wings...great. I have also now started to place his mat at the end of the dog walk down plank (at very low height) and he is hitting his mat dead on. Next I need him to do it independently of me , so I can be anywhere and he still gets the criteria right. Up to now I have been mostly in front and rewarded with a click and then food from my hand,I now want to progress this so I am behind him but he still faces forward to get his reward. That is my homework when I return from holidays.

His obedience is also coming on well. I have sped up his recall and retrieve over the last 3 wks and his heel work position is getting better, however mentally he tires very quickly and struggles a little,I hope this will improve with age.

So here are 3 little videos of him. One obedience video taken yesterday, one of his agility work taken last wk ,and then a slow motion video of his contact training.



Show News.

Well at long last here is the video of Woody's lovely run at Rugby show a few wks back

and finally last week at Tenterden...

I was absolutely over the moon after last weekend. On the Saturday I was very despondent with Chip. We were just not getting things together and I had actually asked someone else to run him for me in some runs as i just felt I wasn't doing him justice.
Someone then gave me a real talking to,everything they said was so true. I was trying too hard with him and therefore putting too much pressure on both myself and him.They also said I could achieve with him and I wasn't crap like I was beginning to think I was.
So on the Sunday I decided to run him in the 2 runs he had. Well what can I say. He was brill. His 2 classes were both Gd 6-7. He came 12th in the Jumping ! there were some messy bits as well as some brill bits and I could see where he could make up the 2 seconds that split him and the top 3 places.
In the Agility he came 5th !!!! Once again a slow dog walk and a slightly messy turn made the difference between him and a possible win (time wise)
I came away elated and now more full of confidence,especially as he has the final of the Celebration Connection at the Dogs in Need show in 2 weeks. Here is a video of the 2 runs and the various mistakes.I apologise for the commentary by my very silly friends...enjoy !!!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

In loving Memory

I just had to put a post on about dear Tommy ,who passed away today.

Tommy was Disney's twin brother and Woody's dad. Without dear Tommy I wouldn't have any of my boys ,as they are all descended from Tommy.

Tommy was diagnosed with cushings disease about 3 years ago and although on medication , had continued to lead a full and normal life. Last weekend he even had the fastest time in the KC Olympia medium qualifier up in Norfolk , but sadly knocked a pole. He was still as keen and fast as ever(Just like his brother Disney)

Tommy took a turn for the worse suddenly at the weekend.He'd been out for a lovely walk , then Chris (his owner) went out for a couple of hrs. When she came back Tommy was hiding in the bathroom and had suddenly gone blind and deaf. Apparently his liver was giving out toxins which cause this. When Chris tried to lift him he screamed and panicked. She rushed him to the Vets and he was put on a drip and stabilized, by the next day his sight had returned but he was still critical. This was all down to his Cushings disease.Yesterday he appeared to be rallying round and had even eaten a little and they were waiting for a specialist to come and see him,but sadly overnight he started fitting and deteriorated fast. Chris was called in and had to make the decision we all dread first thing this morning.

We were worried that this could be a hereditary condition,because between us we have 5 descendants of Tommy, but we have been reassured by the specialist and various articles on the Internet that Cushings is most definitely not a hereditary condition.Cushings syndrome is a hormone (endocrine) disorder caused by high levels of cortisol in the blood. This can be caused by taking steroid type drugs for long periods of time or by tumours that can produce cortisol.
We may never know why poor Tommy succumbed to this horrible condition, and to lose such a wonderful little man is so sad.

RIP Dear Tommy....18th May 1998 - 27th July 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

9 months today

Little Fozzie bear is 9 months old today. His training is coming along beautifully.I just wish he would stop chewing everything in sight !!!!!!!
I thought I'd post a pic I took.
I have just come back from Rugby Agility show and I will post video and news sometime over the next few days.

Monday, July 06, 2009


Well we have just had our weeks holiday in Devon. The weather was superb apart from one day when we had rain on and off. It was still very hot that day and the rain was quite refreshing as we were doing a long walk.
We spent a lot of time with my best friend Jane & her husband Graham and their 8 dogs. We did some lovely long walks,had some lovely meals and ate far too much(far too many cream teas Jane !!!!) So my diet started today.....again !
The dogs had a whale of a time. Because of the weather being so hot we decided to do mainly riverside walks,so the dogs could go in and out of the water and also there is a lot of shade from the trees. Normally we love doing Dartmoor walks but it is so exposed with no shelter. This was Fozzies first proper holiday and he loved every minute of it,however rather than be exhausted after the long days ,he seemed to get on a high and decided to be very naughty ! He chewed through the fabric crate he sleeps in at night, then started on the Caravan. The next day he thought the carpet needed some attention , and he has gone from bad to worse since then. He is constantly stealing things,chewing things and just generally being hard work. I really feel I must start more intense training with him particularly domestically. He really is an unruly teenager !!! The dogs all came back from the holiday very itchy, so the moment we got home they all had a bath, I found 3 tics on them. I don't think this caused the itchiness I think it may have been a combination of salt sea water from the beach trip and the river water, which although very clean it must contain minerals or something. They are certainly better since their baths but not quite 100%

The weekend before our hols I went to Lansdown agility show. It was VERY hard for me to go back to this show as it was at this show last year I had to have dear Libby put to sleep.It bought all those memories flooding back. I slept in my van as Steve (hubby) took my caravan to Devon ready for our hols. It was actually very cosy & comfortable.
Disney was a star again and came 2nd in a horrible grade 6/7 jumping course. Chip worked nicely again,he did some very good waits, but once again my handling let him down. Woody was a little star again. he did some lovely rounds and got a couple of places. In one round he was going so well up till he went into the tunnel,but when he came out of it he was in quite a state and very worried. It transpired that he came out with a Bumble Bee attached to him !! Woody is petrified of bee,wasps and flies at the best of times so this must have really traumatised him. Luckily the judge was brilliant and asked if I wanted to put Woody back through the tunnel. I did so and Woody was fine.
We were hoping to qualify for Crufts with our medium team at this show and we were leading all the way till the last team,who just beat us by a fraction of a second. It was real shame because Disney got faulted on his seesaw by coming off slightly on the side,but he definitely got his contact but still got faulted, if he hadn't we would have definitely won this and would now be taking our Sunbury team to Crufts for the 3rd year. We have one more opportunity to qualify next weekend so fingers crossed.

I thought you would like to see some pics of our holiday and a small video of the dogs just being dogs !!! You may want to turn the volume down becasue of Woody's barking...lol.

With our friends Jane & Graham

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just like Buses........

..they all come at once !!!

As you all know I have just finished filming a childrens TV programme with Woody,due to start screening in August/Sept ? I have been asked several times why I don't do media work with my dogs full time ,and to be sure I'd really
love to,however jobs for them just don't come that often especially long term ones and when they do they all come together ! So that's how the title of this post came about. Unbelievably I had a call for Woody to do another job whilst we were actually on set for Gigglebiz so I had to turn that down, I've then had a call from one of my other agents for measurements of all my dogs and what they could & couldn't do,this is for something later this year I believe, I then had a job come through for Chip and Fozzie but I am holiday when they needed them(damn) and then last week I had a last minute call for a job for Disney,however this job didn't actually go ahead. So in the space of 5 weeks I had 4 other offers of work for my boys. I know that I may not now get another call for months ,so in the meantime its carry on childminding and dog training with a sprinkling of media work in between!!!

So onto show news. Thames was on the 13/14th June.I had hurt my back badly on the Thursday before so I wasn't running at all well. I had a mixed weekend of results.
Disney got a 1st in the grade 6-7 jumping,what an amazing little dog he is at 11 yrs old and still holding his own.Unfortunately I had borrowed Steve's camcorder and it had run out of battery. The Champ class wasn't quite so successful and he got eliminated in the jumping round,because of my back I decided not to do the other rounds.
Chip was a little star and did some nice rounds but either had a pole down or a refusal in his classes. However Beth(my niece) ran him in him in the junior class and he came 2nd.You can see a little video of it on Beths own blog here.BETHS BLOG.
Woody ,as usual,hardly put a foot wrong,he came 8th with Beth and had several good rounds with me also. Here is the one video I have before the battery went.

Last weekend it was Axtane. Well what a weekend we had.
Disney qualified for the KC Olympia semis again,his 5th Olympia semi !The semi will be held at the KC festival in August.He came 1st in Gd 6-7 Jumping and also Gd 4-7 agility.Here is a video of the KC run and the jumping run.

Woody,sporting his new go faster haircut !!!! didn't have such a good Saturday,mainly a weave issue.He kept coming out the last weave ! However he made up for it on the Sunday where he did 2 lovely agility rounds and got 2 top ten places.Video below.

Chip was working fantastically all weekend, just small mistakes in each class mostly poles. But I was overjoyed that he came 2nd in the Easter celebration connection class and also qualified for a final in August. The funny thing about this place is I really didn't want to run him, I couldn't get my head around the course and my back was aching, I actually asked several people if they would run him for me, but they declined because of the course. Anyway I decided what the hell I would go ahead and do it, and we somehow just got it so together.We went into the lead by over 2 seconds and stayed there for nearly the whole class and was then pipped at the post. I was very happy to be beaten by Ruth (even though I told her what course to take !!!!)
I am extremely pleased with Chips waits,he hasn't broken one for me for the last 2 weeks. I have included a video of him ,unfortunately I don't have the connection one..which is typical, I never have the best rounds on video ! The 2 runs I have posted are where he uncharacteristically made mistakes in the weaves, I ran the first and then once again ,because of my back ,my friend Norman Love ran him. That would have been a fantastic run but for those blooming weaves as you will see !!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Filming all finished

Filming for the series Woody is in, finished on Tuesday. They are still filming some more material for the programme, but all that Woody is in has been done. I actually got quite emotional saying my goodbyes. It had been a great time,Woody was a true star and the crew were so kind and friendly, and Justin Fletcher (the star) was such a lovely person and he adored Woody. We have an invite to go and visit him sometime in the future so he can have his fix of Woody cuddles :-))
The programme is called Gigglebiz ,its a comedy programme with several small sketches in it,and is due to be shown from the end August for 12 weeks,Woody is in one of the sketches called Humphrey.

So things are back to normal,or as normal as it is in my house.

Last Thursday we had an invasion of Gypsies in the field next door to my agility field,so every piece of equipment had to be moved out. We now have a front garden full of equipment !! However today they moved on,so going to mow the field and move everything back. It was a worrying time because at one stage there seemed to be some arriving every day. I haven't dared go over to see what sort of mess has been left behind !!! My guess it will be a long time till I can walk the dogs over there.

There hasn't been any shows for me for the past 3 weeks,but we will be making up for it over the next month as it seems there is something every weekend during June,plus we are going on holiday to Devon for a few days as well at the end of the month.

Its fortunate that I didn't have any shows scheduled as both Woody & Chip had to go to the chiropractor as both had slight neck problems. My chiropractor is convinced both were possibly caused by one extremely naughty puppy barging into them when we are out. Fozzie doesn't have any manners with the other dogs.

Talking of Fozzie,he is still chewing everything and anything,he has to be watched constantly as everything goes missing.

I can't end a post without a picture or video so here is one of Woody on set.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Poor Chip & other stuff

Firstly what a wonderful week I have just had. I had a week off. The week long agility show I normally do at this time of year had been cancelled but I still had the week off because all the children I look after were on holiday.

The weather was really good especially at the beginning & end of the week. The middle was a bit miserable but it didn't stop me doing things all wk.

On the first Saturday I went to an Obedience show,my first for over a year,I wish I hadn't bothered really,Chip was very very distracted & worked abismally and I decided there and then the time had come to have him castrated..more on that later !! Disney was very high and was very excited but was very wide on his heelwork,so nothing for him. Woody doesn't do competetive Obedience,but I suspect he may have been better than the other 2 if I had entered him !! So I didn't even stay to do Chip & Disney's stays and just came home. I then picked up my son Tony and we went down to Mums to sort out her new broadband and laptop..well thats another long story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday I went to an agility show,nice and near to me at Slough ,it was a glorious day and a very relaxed chilled show. Disney got a 2nd in the jumping( what a lad) and Woody also got a lowish place in the Agility,but he just wasn't running & jumping properly and I suspect he needs to see the chiropractor again,so he's booked in in 2 weeks.Chip once again was just not on this planet !!!!

Bank holiday Monday saw me down at my Mums again,first for a lovely walk and then another 3 hrs trying to fix the Internet and Laptop.....it resulted in a total meltdown of the laptop. !!!

Poor Chip also has a limp,we suspect a left shoulder injury. He was slightly lame last Thursday but it wore off,but returned again today so I am resting him for a while..NO training/jumping at all ,just a few short walks. Luckily there are no shows for a couple of weeks.

Tuesday I woke up all prepared to take Chip to the Vets to have the chop! However we went with the new chemical castration (
Suprelorin) so he wouldn't have to miss any shows . He has had an implant which releases a hormone over the period of 6 months and gives exactly the same effect as surgical castration. So we were in and out in 5 minutes !! I will report on here how its all going over the next few months. It takes 2-3 weeks to start to show. If I don't like how he is, I just won't have him castrated properly in 6 months, If the reaction is good then we all know what his little Xmas present will be....POOR CHIP !!!
In the afternoon I went caravan hunting/looking with my mate Jennie.

Wednesday was puppy agility classes with Fozzie,I continue to be very pleased with him . Afterwards Woody had a slight haircut (thank you Shirley) ready for his next lot of filming in about 10 days.

Thursday I had a lazy day ,and then I started teaching a new 5 wk puppy foundation course in the evening. I was cajoled into doing this by my mates as they all have puppies between 6-9 mths and had nowhere to take them. It is a great little group and my niece Beth is also bringing her Nans 10mth old Standard poodle x Collie puppy Charlie along. It is all very basic stuff I am teaching with no jumping at all, just waits,go-ons, recalls,tunnels ,directions stuff etc and all with lots of motivation.

Friday was back to Mums for the never ending saga of the Laptop and Broadband..thankfully all fixed now and ready to roll.

This weekend was taken up with a bit of Spring cleaning.. VERY BORING,walking the dogs and letting them have some lovely swims. I also spent some time looking at the new Apple Laptops which I am seriously thinking of buying......gotta start saving now though. !!

Heres a little video taken on my mobile phone today at the River. I now have 4 water loving dogs because Fozzie got right in there with the big boys.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Disney's Birthday & Fozzies training

Firstly I have to say a Huge Happy Birthday to my extra special boy Disney. He was 11 years old on 18th May.

Well his training is coming on big time. My early reservations are unfounded. He's getting stronger in his Obedience all the time. He now has learnt all the basics and its now just a case of fine tuning & practice over the next few months ready for his debut in the ring in about 3 months time hopefully. He is still quite reliant on his titbits being held in the hand for heelwork, so we have to wean him from them, so they can be in my pocket or pouch.
He has now done 5 puppy agility sessions, and is having great fun. It's me thats the problem. You get lazy when you have experienced dogs that know what they are doing and forget puppies need SO much help. I find myself doing things when I am handling,that I nag my students not to do all the time. Its so easy to see other people making mistakes,but also so frustrating to know that I am often making the same mistakes !!!!! DUH
I'd like to explain my training method for my contacts. Firstly I am running Fozzie over the dogwalk contact as fast as I can. Whether he hits the contact area or not is immaterial at the present , as long as he doesn't actually jump off the contact (hence the hoop) I will reward him. I just want speed and confidence at this stage. I am then teaching his go to a mat separately. I have only just started this and eventually I want him to run to the mat,lay down and look forward away from me. When I have got both these behaviours I will then put the mat at the end of the contact about 2-3 ft away. I am then hoping he will still keep the speed across with a stop at the bottom.Eventually I will bring the mat closer and closer to the contact. My reasons for trying this method this time is because all my other dogs were taught a 2 on and 2 off from the start,and they all have slow contacts on the down plank. Only time will tell whether this will work with Fozzie but I certainly want to try it. I'll keep you posted.
Here are 2 little videos taken this week showing his Obedience and Agility training.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May News.. Woody Filming,Fozzie & Shows

Lots going on here at the moment,I just don't have a spare moment.
We are nearing the end of Woody's filming. Its for Cbeebies series called *Gigglebiz* which is a programme with several short funny sketches in.They have made 25 episodes and Woody appears in everyone,sometimes a big part sometimes just at the start and finish of the sketch called Humphrey.Woody plays Archie who is Humphreys dog(the Character played by Justin Fletcher) Woody has been fantastic. He is loved by everyone and has done everything asked of him. It is due to be screened starting the end of August.
We've been on location all over the place...Weymouth, at a wildlife park,farm,garden centre,several parks.Its been so much fun with a lovely crew and off couse with Justin ,who is the most lovely person.
Here are a selection of pics I've taken so far.
At Weymouth


My Mr funny looking Fozzie is 7 months old today. I keep saying his coat isn't growing much, but when I looked at the photos I have just taken to put on here ,he seems to have sprouted more hair on his face since yesterday !!!!
His scar on his nose is slowly going and I am beginning to relax a bit more now when I am out walking him. I still put him on a lead if I am the slightest bit unsure of the dog that's approaching,but usually Woody & Chip are my guides as to how friendly the dog is and I then let him off. He is still very confident to approach them,so hopefully its had a happy ending. I have temporarily stopped walking him on his own,it was getting very difficult with the filming going on etc and as I said it helps having my 2 extremely dog friendly dogs with him at the moment.
His training is coming on very well,but once again lack of spare time means not much practice. Once filming has stopped we can resume it all with enthusiasm.


Last weekend it was Tunbridge Wells.
Chip wasn't really with me at all over the weekend.We just couldn't get it together and once it went wrong it went wrong big style. Every round he was a little off his head, and I withdrew him from one agility round because he broke his wait again. So no places or clears for Chip.
Disney did some lovely rounds and finished up 6th in the Olympia qualifier. He did a fantastic Grade 6-7 jumping but ran past the second to last jump and was eliminated,but boy was he fast.
Woody..well what can I say about my perfect little star....6 runs , 6 clear rounds with 5 places and one run just out of places. They went down to 10th and he came 11th !!!

The week before was Vyne.

Woody was once again my star. 2 clears out of 3 and 2 places.
Disney was in the Champ class and he actually got through to the finals. He really worked well ,but unfortunately I am having to push him harder now and he flew his seesaw. His round was very tight and smooth and I have it on video but haven't got round to downloading it yet..I will soon.
Chip did some very nice rounds with just small mistakes on my side.

Monday, April 27, 2009

April news.

Well I must start with an update on Fozzie. His nose is beginning to heal and I am very pleased to say that there have been no nasty after effects. He is still approaching dogs happily, initially I was concerned because he appeared to be slightly fear biting if the dog got a bit over excited nr him,but I think he was actually just playing. I was, and still am paranoid that he will get bitten again, so I am keeping him on a lead and only letting him off when I am 100% sure of the other dog or we meet other dogs I already know are OK.
Fortunately we have been to 2 weekend shows since the attack and so I have been able to walk him around the rings, albeit cautiously. I steer very clear of any dogs that look the slightest bit iffy. He has also met 2 very nice mannered Border terriers since and he has been fine. I thank god that he had a really confident,extremely friendly temperament before this happened,if he had been a nervy puppy or already had a slightly dodgy temperament am sure the outcome could have been very different.I am just hoping that once his male hormones come in & as he gets older , it then won't have any long term detrimental effect.

We have started a puppy agility foundation course , a couple of his puppy friends go along too and I am so far very pleased with him. Its only real puppy stuff,teaching them to go round poles,on wobble boards,waits etc etc but all with agility in mind. I don't believe in starting young puppies on equipment too soon,there is so much foundation work that can be done even before they see any real agility equipment. Fozzie has done a couple of tunnels ,recalls through very very wide channel weaves, and a wait and a recall through jump wings but that's it.

His obedience training is coming on in leaps and bounds and I am thrilled. When I look back at one of my previous posts where I was worrying about him I now have to laugh.

Here is a little video of him taken about 10 days ago( about 4 days after his horrible attack!)

Now some Agility news.......
2 weeks ago we were at Wallingford agility show at Newbury. Disney came 1st in the pairs with Jennie & her lovely dog Stella. I continued my training of Chips waits and he did some lovely work. Woody as usual was a star & got a couple of top ten places.
No video taken there.

Last weekend we were at the WBSDS agility show,once again at Newbury

Disney,my little star, came 2nd in Grade 7 agility on the Saturday. He worked his socks off. On the Sunday there was a very tricky grade 6-7 course put up by Anthony Clark. I loved the challenge of it. It has a jump,tunnel under dog walk start.Dogs had to take the dogwalk. I watched dog after dog get eliminated at this point. I decided to trust Disney's training and his excellent start line wait and walk to the end of the dog walk and do a long recall,just telling him dogwalk. He did it perfectly and even got a cheer from the crowd that had built up round the ring to watch. He got the first extremely tricky weave entry and was going beautifully,until the last set of weaves, I flicked my shoulder slightly and he took a jump instead. I was very pleased with him,but could have kicked myself !!
Woody ,once again got a couple of lovely top ten places. He did one particularly nice jumping round but unfortunately had 2 poles down. As per usual the good rounds didn't get filmed whereas the not so good did.I have included this pole down round because I liked his enthusiasm. The other round was one of the better ones.

Chip was on fire. .He also did the very tricky course that Disney had done earlier and once again I left him in a wait and went 1/3 along the dog walk,he too went straight onto the dogwalk,however his downfall came with a refusal later in the course,but boy was I pleased with his work.He did his waits in all his other classes and worked superbly. He ended up 4th in Grade 6 agility on the Saturday and 7th in the jumping. I was totally overjoyed. I had resigned myself to the fact that my top ten places were over with Chip once he got into grade 6 ,but this clearly shows he has got what it takes and it has given me renewed confidence. I only had one jumping round videoed,luckily it was good one.