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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Woody's Poorly Paw

Poor Woody cut his pad on his front right leg again last Tuesday. Its been a miserable week again for him & also Disney & Chip. Woody would not leave his paw alone , he licked & chewed at it as soon as our backs were turned& any bandage was pulled off instantly ,so I had no alternative but to put a muzzle on him again so that the wound had a chance to heal. I had previously bought some good cream(after his last cut pad) that Amanda had recommended called Ultrasalve. Its a natural product which is anti bacterial and really helps wounds to heal. I think it certainly helped and before walks I also used some Germolene spray on plaster to help keep out any dirt , I also put a Mikki boot on him as well. Well the Mikki boots are pretty useless & after about 10/15 minutes were sodden and just fell off . On one particular walk I ended up carrying Woody for 10 minutes back to the Van as I didn't want him to get the foot dirty from all the mud & risk infection. I can tell you he's very heavy !!!! So after this the dogs walks have been very limited & if I left him behind he just barked & howled.
The only bonus for him is that he's been sleeping upstairs with us because he has to wear the muzzle. I was very concerned about leaving him downstairs muzzled in case anything happened.
Well the good news is its now pretty much healed. So by this weekend I guess he will be able to go back to normal walks, although the dogs have their 6 monthly visit to the chiropractors on Friday, & I'm sure as eggs are eggs they will all need a little tweaking somewhere & will have to take things easy for yet another 48 hrs !!!


  1. Hope Woodys paw if feeling better poor chap :0(

  2. Fingers crossed it is on the mend. Poor Woody.