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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fozzie update

Well Fozzie is now 11 weeks old. He is truly a lovable monster. He is on the go almost from morning till night. He's had his first Jab and I am eagerly waiting his 2nd so that he can start going out. I am doing a little clicker training most days for about 5 minutes at a time. He hasn't been as quick on the uptake as my other dogs. He is very keen when I first produce the clicker and food and is very focused on me,however he just seems to have trouble grasping what I want. I have kept everything very up beat and he now does a lovely quick sit,will offer his paw, but the down has been really hard..he's perfect when I use my finger and point to the ground but take away any visual signal and he hasn't a clue. I have been watching some youtube videos of other 8-12 week old puppies doing all sorts of wonderful tricks etc and I have been despairing of Fozzie. I shall persevere and I hope it will just click eventually. By now my other puppies would have been offering behaviours in the hope of getting the click and treat, but if I stop and wait he just walks off and finds something else to do rather than work out how to get his reward.
My other problem has been house training and his food !!!
House training is taking an age. I have now made a small enclosure in the garden with his paper in it,I am putting him out every 15 minutes and he now almost goes at once..however he often comes straight back indoors and pees (usually on the carpet or dog beds!) A bit like the clicker training its just taking him a long time to click I think.
Food..well he came to me with a small amount of Beta Puppy. He also had very loose stools when he arrived. I kept him on this food but he still didn't firm up. I had him booked in for his first jab 48 hrs later but my vet wouldn't give it to him because of his upset tummy.He was put on a short course of antibiotics and a diet of Chicken/fish & rice followed by Hills I/D prescription diet for a few days. Immediately he improved. However as soon as I introduced any other food he got loose again !!!
I thought at long last I had found something that suited him..ie Natures Harvest moist food. Its very similar to Naturediet but smells , looks much nicer & has good ingredients. I had been mixing it in with the ID and gradually increasing the amount. However yesterday he was loose again !! He did have his jab yesterday so that may be why...time will tell.
I hope over the next few weeks to start him on raw food, I am hoping he'll be great then as all my other dogs have ,and there will be no turning back.
Here are 2 pictures I took today. His hair on his face is getting longer and is coming through white !!!


  1. He is gorgeous, Rosie. Can't wait to meet him!

    Food wise, have you try James Wellbeloved? When I had the similar problem with mine, I switched to James Wellbeloved and that do the trick.

  2. Hi Lian

    I like to give a moist food really not dried and the James wellbeloved pouches are very expensive but maybe I'll give it a try.

  3. He's lovely Rosie, are you sure he hasn't got border terrier in him as you attempts at clicker training sound very like mine with Dudley :)

    I find tins of Chappie work really well when mine get upset tummies.

    Can't wait to meet him.

  4. That is one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen - and I should know because my human says I am the cutest puppy in the whole world, even if I am fifteen! Happy Happy New Year - wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009!

    licks & puppy love,

  5. Thank you Charlie. I have to agree