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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fozzie update

Well Fozzie has been with me a week now and I have to say he is the naughtiest puppy I have had !!! He also won't keep still long enough to have a photo taken,s
o I have added a picture of him asleep as that the only way I could get one. Everything but everything is picked up,eaten or chewed. He is a very motivated puppy however ..he loves toys alot,he is also very into food so this will help with his training . I have clued him into the clicker and have started shaping some behaviours. He already knows a sit without any luring,has a reasonable down(with a little help) and a few seconds wait.
Woody & Chip love him to bits,Jake & Wispa tolerate him but Disney hates him. Disney isn't good with other dogs in his space and he hates puppies even more. We have kept them pretty much separate so far. I have crates in every room so either Disney can have time out or Fozzie. But whenever Fozzie goes anywhere near the crate Disney looks & sounds so ferocious & little Fozzie just couldn't give a damn,he just stands there wagging his tail at Disney..a bit worrying me thinks !!!
Fozzie is one hell of a confident puppy,scarily so.
I took the boys for their weekly swim(Chips last before Olympia) and at the end Sue said to bring Fozzie in. We put a life jacket on him and gently put him in..well he was off ..Sue says they normally are very worried and have trouble getting their balance in the water,but not Fozzie.. It was like he had been swimming all his life. He only stayed in for about 1 minute but he loved it.

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  1. sounds very much like a naughty spaniel i knoe lol . she is very bad :D... hope u have a lovely x mas xx