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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Suffolk Five Rivers & Mid Downs

I should have posted about Suffolk Five Rivers last week, but with the filming just didn't get time to download my videos.

had a phenomenal weekend..He got 2 x 1st places in Gd 7 and 1 x 2nd place in Gd 7. He also came 2nd in the pairs with Jennie & Stella. Unfortunately and typically when he's done so well no Video !!

was an absolute star. Only his 2nd show at Gd 6 and he came 3rd in a very tricky Gd 6 Jumping and 7th in Gd 6 Agility..If only I could get a faster dog walk his times would be a lot better. He did the same course that Disney won and his time was actually 0.4 seconds faster!!!!and he was less than a second behind the top 3 places. Its amazing how tight all these times are in the top 10 places !!

..what a boy.He clocked up 3 x top 5 places again.

I didn't have my faithful Video taker so I only have 1 run of Woody's, but luckily I did get both of Chips brilliant runs.

Chip at Suffolk Five Rivers from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


Lovely day.Only one ring as its held at the Game & Agricultural show at Ardingly. The day started off being beautiful and sunny ,but by lunchtime the rain came in and it was really miserable.
No runs for Disney as it was only for Large dogs.

was brilliant he came 2nd in the Gd 4 Jumping and 2nd in the Agility. I was on tender hooks because I am happy with him in Gd 4 and I really didn't want him winning the Agility.

CHIP worked beautifully and I was very pleased with him.Unfortunately he had a very slight run by on the jumping and a pole down in the agility.

I did get Woody's runs on Video..here is one run for Suffolk and his Mid Downs one.

Woody at Five Rivers & Mid Downs from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


  1. Wow Rosie - your dogs are going so well. It's a shame the season is nearly over. Roll on 2009!