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Saturday, September 06, 2008

All my recent news

Firstly big apologies for not updating my blog for 2 months. I just didn't have the heart to do it after I lost Libby and I really wanted her tribute to stay on top for a while.
I now feel the time is right so here I go with all my news and results since then.


I scrimed for Andrea who was judging all day.
Disney had 2 x 2nd places .
Woody had 2 x 4th places.
Chip unfortunately didn't fair so well and got faults in all his classes. No video because Andrea was judging


What a great weekend we had.
DISNEY came 1st in Gd 6/7 Jumping & 4th in the KC Olympia qualifier.
WOODY had a 4th in Gd 4 Agility & some minor places in his other classes.
CHIP won the KC qualifier ( his 3rd time of qualifying !!)and he also got a 4th in his other Grade 5 Agility class. Most of his other classes he got either 5 faults or eliminated.
No video unfortunately because once again Andrea was judging on one day and on the other we just didn't get round to it(typical I just don't ever seem to get my best rounds on tape !)


only had one place all weekend with me and that was in Gd 7 jumping where he came 3rd. However what a star he was with my Niece Beth. She ran him in the YKC qualifier and I really didn't expect Disney to stay in the ring with her ,however they did a stonking round and came 2nd ,which qualified her for Crufts 2009.HOORAY
WOODY I am not quite sure what was wrong with Woody. There were guns shooting over on the fields and he clearly wasn't concentrating. Beth qualified him for the International young handler Final,he was going beautifully but then lost complete concentration,which unfortunately cost him dearly and they got eliminated.

I have added a video below of her lovely run with Disney and the Final with Woody.

Beth with Woody & Disney at the KC International Festival from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.
CHIP was a good boy and I got several nice top 10 places. I only got a couple of my runs recorded..one with Woody and one with Chip which I have also added below.

Chip & Woody at the KC International Festival from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


We had a very varied week of weather,ranging from the very wet and very windy to a couple of really nice warm days.
DISNEY did some stunning runs and I was very pleased with him.He got 5 top 5 places during the week. He qualified for the Championship final but sadly went into the wrong weave( seemed to be his Achilles heal that week !!) he also qualified for the end of week Finals
WOODY was still not quite himself and seemed to lack concentration for most of the week. He did however also manage to qualify for the end of week Finals.
CHIP was on fire all week and had several top 10 places in Gd 5 including 3 3rd places. Once again he qualified for the end of week Finals.
How proud was I to get
ALL of my dogs to the Finals. I have added a video below of the Finals.

Dogs in Need Finals from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


Well this has to have been my best and most successful show & weekend to date !!!!!
My dogs managed a grand total of 13 places between them and 6 trophies !!!!!!!
DISNEY had a 1st,2nd ,2 x 3rd and a 4th
WOODY seemed to be back to his old self and amassed a 4th,5th 7th ,9th and 11th place.
CHIP got a 1st,3rd,16th ( made a right pigs ear of the course !!)
sorry no video all weekend.

and lastly for this show update is the best news...............


Well what can I say apart from... " WE ARE GOING TO OLYMPIA IN DECEMBER"

CHIP came 6th in the warm up event in the morning and then did a lovely round in the actual semi except he came off the seesaw to one side( very uncharacteristic ) so got 5 faults. However 35 dogs qualify for the final. There were 30 clear rounds so they took the 5 fastest 5 fault rounds,which fortunately Chip was...phew.They were lovely courses set by Bill Glover
Here is a video of his rounds

Chip in the KC Olympia semi's at Stoneleigh from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

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