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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thames & Axtane & Puppies

Ooops really sorry,I've been really bad and not kept up to speed with my blog.

Firstly Thames weekend. What a glorious weekend,it was very hot..certainly a long time coming.

Disney is working so well. He did some fantastic rounds and got some nice top 5 places. He came 4th in the KC Olympia qualifier but unfortunately no-one above him had already qualified so he missed out this time. Only 2 more chances to Qualify for this years semi's so time is running out!! He also gained some points in the Crufts heat as well. he did a stonking round but I over cooked getting him into the tunnel under the A-Frame and he ran past the entrance. There were very few clear rounds as it was a very testing course and even with 5 faults he came 7th !!

Disney's KC Agility round at Thames from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Woody was a star as usual. He tries so hard for me and if he puts in a clear he almost always gets in the top 10 places or higher.He got 7th in Grade 4 agility, but unfortunately in his other rounds he managed to get 5 faults in them.
Beth worked him in the Jr class and she lost her way,even so they still ended up 7th.

Chip Hmmm Well...... what can I say?? he certainly had his manic head on all weekend. He wasn't listening to me,had jumps down all over the place and was generally hard work!! he still is fun but I was quite frustrated.Lets hope its just a minor hiccup?? I guess its his confidence growing.

Axtane Weekend

Another fantastic weekend weather wise. What a lovely show Axtane is. Its so relaxed and chilled.

Disney was on great form again. Firstly the best bit of news..he's qualified for the Olympia Semis...Whoo hoo......So at the KC Festival in August we'll be trying once again to get to the finals in December. My leg is feeling so much better now(thanks to the Wii Fit I am sure, lol ) and I am happier running on it again now,I am sure this is helping.
He also got 2 other 4th places in jumping rounds. I have been trying to speed up his contacts again as he had started to creep down them,well its certainly working but unfortunately today he missed a dog walk because of it,so its back to steadying him again now for a while.

Woody was having a slightly off weekend. He had a pole off in all but 3 of his classes,and he also missed a dog walk contact. Homework for the next 2 weeks ( as we have a fortnight off from shows now) is Contact training.He did however get a couple of nice places in an agility & Jumping class.

Chip was slightly improved on last weekend. He's certainly going faster and faster but he is knocking poles. His last run of the day was lovely.His turns were tight and he was very responsive but 4 jumps from the end once again he dropped a pole. He got an elimination in the Gd 5-7 Agility , again right at the end of the course. He was going great,he had got all the tricky bit right(where a lot of the others were getting eliminated)and then all he had to do was go from the seesaw to a jump straight in front of it,but no he decided to take the jump to the right ???? It was a great run and I was very happy with his attitude.

Unfortunately I had no video taken over the weekend,my friend who normally films for me didn't come to the show.

Puppies,Puppies everywhere !!

Everywhere I go people have got lovely new puppies and I am getting more and more broody. I keep being told by everyone that my next dog should be a Border Collie and to be honest I have been thinking along those lines,but my heart is definitely with the hairies as well.
I feel so very honoured that in the last 2 weeks I have been offered 3 different puppies,the people particularly wanted *me* to have one of their babies because of the way I look after my dogs and what I do with them.. There was one gorgeous black and white B/C from fantastic breed/working lines,her father is a Sh Champion and is producing some cracking agility dogs. I was actually offered her at almost a give away price, the person had turned down many homes already and was waiting for the right person( and she actually said that would be*me*). I didn't even dare go look at her in the flesh( I had seen her picture and that was bad enough!) The other was an all black poodle/collie cross,but all black is just not my thing and then there was also another working line B/C.
I was very good and resisted them all. By the end of this year/beginning of next year I think the time may be right and hopefully the right puppy will just come along....unless I get really tempted beforehand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Well done Rosie lots of brilliant runs:0), Ill book my puppy cuddle now then :0) xx