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Friday, May 30, 2008

Soggy Supadogs

I was so excited to be getting away for my first weeks holiday. We arrived on the Thursday and the temp was up in the 20's. Friday we helped set up and once again it was a fabulous day.
Saturday was scorching hot and my week started off fantastically.
Chip came 12th in Gd 4-7 Agility,he did a funny turn before the jump before the dog walk, and was slightly slower over the dogwalk than I would have liked,which cost him valuable time. Even with this he was only 2 seconds behind the winning time!!
He then went into Gd 5 jumping and did a lovely round and came 5th. His Grade 5 Agility round wasn't quite so great. I lost a bit of concentration as I was queuing , Woody had escaped from the caravan garden and I was called over the tannoy to collect him !! I have started a start line routine with Chip which gets him focused and slightly calmer,obviously this went to pot and his performance showed,he was very ott and it all went pear shaped.

Chip @ Supadogs in May 2008 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Disney was on fire,his first round was Grade 6/7 Agility which he did beautifully and he won the class !(life in the old boy yet !!) He then did a superb jumping round,it was very tricky,but Disney really listened to me,however he knocked the long jump.....his time was Fab,

Woody's first round was first thing in the morning,the ground was very wet and he slipped,I then took it very carefully with him from there,he was clear but just out of the top ten.He had a pole down in his 2 jumping classes but was much happier.(sorry no videos of Woody)

We had a very wet night, but Sunday the sun shone and it was very humid and hot.
Chip once again put in a great round in the Grade 5 jumping and came 4th. However in his agility round he got eliminated .
Disney was a star again and came 4th in the Grade 6/7 jumping..he did a funny turn after a jump which cost him time. But he was really listening and working well. In his Agility round he got marked for both his A-Frame and See-saw !! I know he did get his A-Frame,but he was a bit naughty on his See Saw.

Disney at Supadogs.Gd 6/7 jumping, 4th place ! from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.
Woody got 7th in his jumping.

Things were going so well with my boys and I was looking forward to a great week..however Sunday night we had horrendous weather,strong winds and heavy rain and the show was cancelled for the day on Monday.However during the day the river burst its banks and people had to be moved with haste.Half way through the afternoon everyone had to be evacuated from the camping areas because the River Medway was on red flood alert. By 5 pm the announcement came that the show for the whole week had to be cancelled. :-(

We had already been moved to a safe area so we decided to stay for the night . The mood was very sad and sobre.


  1. I'm so glad I was introduced to your blog. Your dogs are so much fun, I enjoy the videos. I also enjoy the courses, I wish we had such courses here in the US. Thanks.
    Tammy Moody
    Portland, Oregon

  2. Love your blog Rosie keep the vid's a comim really love watchig the boys run. great stuff x
    Steph Berry

  3. Wow! I'm so impressed with your dogs. Especially how fast and tightly they turn. Do you teach them with a verbal command to turn or do you relay on body cues?
    Anyway, I look forward to watching more videos of you and your fantastic dogs.