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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What a Weekend !

Hubby had to take his lovely Goldwing to Devon at the weekend to get a CB fitted, so as I didn't have a show we decided to go and visit my best friend Jane ( who deserted me 2 years ago to go and live in sunny Devon) and spend the weekend with her and her husband. We had planned to have maybe 2 lovely walks on Dartmoor. Well the weather was against us the whole weekend. The moment we arrived the heavens opened. The men decided to stay at home , whilst Jane and I braved a walk in the woods with her 9 dogs and my 2. We had only taken Woody and Chip with us for the weekend, because they fit in so well with her crowd, whereas Disney isn't too happy( to say the least) around other dogs. As it turned out we ended up having an almost dry walk.

Saturday Jane had to work,but that didn't matter as Steve and I went caravan looking,and once again we had hoped to go for our long walk in the afternoon,well the torrential rain didn't stop ALL day.
On Sunday morning we had a phone call from Laura to say that our elderly Standard Poodle *Libby* was very poorly. She had acute diarrhoea,vomiting and passing blood. She had no transport and our vet was closed ,only a locum was on duty at another surgery who was unreachable !!
I was extremely worried as Jane has a fair knowledge of Dogs( having worked in a vets for the past 10 years)and she feared that Libby's organs may be shutting down. Libby has been on borrowed time for the last year or so, she has a severe heart and lung condition and is frighteningly thin.

We finished walking the dogs( We were already out when the calls came)and then went back, got all our belongings together and left for home. I really was expecting the worst when we got in,but incredibly Libby looked quite bright. She ate some boiled fish and seemed much better.
I had planned to take her straight to the emergency vet but felt that maybe she was on the mend so decided to wait till the morning.
I then proceeded to get my carpet shampoer out to clean the carpets where she had messed. Laura had done a good job of clearing up but they definitely needed a more thorough job. I had just done one sweep across the carpet when it went *BANG* and blue smoke appeared.......the blooming thing had blown up.

Libby was still not right in the morning and so I saw Emily ,my Vet the next day .She gave Libby a jab,some antibiotics,probiotics and some special food ,hoping that it was just a nasty bug, but also said she could not rule out a variety of much worse things. Unfortunately she felt that if Libby didn't pick up within 2-3 days it would be kinder to say goodbye.

Well I am writing this on Tuesday night and things have improved a little. She has stopped vomiting and passing blood *but* she is till loose. So please keep fingers and toes crossed and pray hard that she will get better. I know its fantastic that she has reached the grand age of 14 yrs(for a Standard poodle that's amazing) and every day she's with us its a miracle ,but its so hard to watch them when they are so poorly and wonder if I'm being kind keeping her going.
I am sure I'll know when the time is right.


  1. oh bless her little heart Rosie, lots and lots of positive thoughts coming from here to you and to Libby lots of love from us here, karen xxxx and the gang xxxx

  2. Wishing her lots of love and keeping our fingers crossed.