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Monday, April 28, 2008

WBSDS Show at Newbury & my own club news

Firstly I just have to say how very proud I am of 6 of my very own club members. They did their first UKA show at the weekend and they were ALL placed in their relevant classes. 2 of them even got a 1st and qualified for one of the finals that UKA do. In all they have probably had about 7 months of training and they were all complete beginners.Fantastic.

Right back to my weekend

Well at long last the nice weather arrived.
Woody's paw has healed (thank goodness)So I decided to go ahead & work him, but I put a special bandage (the one that sticks to itself ) on it just to protect the paw from any scuffs. He was fine and was so overjoyed to be working again. His first run was Grade 4-5 agility. He did a fantastic round,his contacts were fast and good and just after his run he went into 1st place. However he actually ended up 5th. I was very pleased with that as I really don't want him to win out of Grade 4. He is very comfortable in that grade and the courses suit him well.
He then went into Grade 4-5 jumping and came 7th in this.
Here is a video of his Agility round

As sure as eggs are eggs ,as soon as the video comes out I have terrible rounds with Chip.!!( missed all his good rounds because of the weather) He was totally over the top most of the weekend and even started bitching in one class !! maybe time for a little operation I think (poor Chip)
However he did do one lovely round. It was a Grade 5-7 jumping class(up with the big boys) he was lovely,but he had one pole down,he did it in a good time and I was extremely happy and pleased with him. here is the video of that round

Lastly ,but not least is Disney.
He did some great and not so great rounds. He actually came 4th in Gd 7 agility but they were only doing presentations down to 3rd. I find him quite hard to work nowadays compared with the honesty of both Chip and Woody. They rarely take the wrong jumps unless its my error,whereas dear Disney will just do whatever he fancies sometimes. he still makes me smile and I just love working him,he's such fun. I can't believe he will be 10 in a couple of weeks,I am just so pleased to still be working him and for him to still be as keen ,fast and competitive


  1. Wow Rosie! Some fantastic rounds!!

  2. Brilliant Rosie dogs are going really well x