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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wallingford news & Woody's paw,

Well Woody's cut paw is taking a time to heal. he keeps licking it and tears any bandaging off that I put on. So no Wallingford for him. I went to Obedience club on Thursday and several people recommended dipping his paw in a very very dilute bleach solution ! apparently it works wonders on cut paws and really accelerated healing. I have to say that although I went out and bought the thin bleach I only tried it once. He immediately licked his paw again afterwards and I was really concerned about the bleach in his mouth.

Once I got to the show,everyone else recommended *New Skin* but that is supposed to be put on just after the accident, and I was concerned about putting it on a week later, so in desperation ,and on everyones recommendation ,I put Woody,my dear gentle soppy boy in a muzzle.!! In the hope it would allow the wound to heal. Well it seemed to be working up till yesterday . I took it off so he could eat and drink and I was then side tracked by the front door bell. When I got back(yes you've guessed) he had licked his paw and made it bleed again !!!!!!!!! So back on with the muzzle and straight up to the chemist for some new skin. Today(Tuesday) its looking good again,so fingers crossed.

So back to Wallingford

Fantastic news, Chip won Grade 5 Jumping. It was a tricky course and I went in after only about 20 odd dogs had already been. I was the first clear round(most being eliminated) and held the lead for over 200 dogs.!! His round was a joy,smooth, tight and very fast. Unfortunately once again no video.

In his other 2 agility rounds he had a pole down in one, and did a run by in the other. It gave me a great opportunity however to work his contacts.

Sunday there were no large dog runs apart from Brace pairs,which I obviously couldn't do because of Woody's paw, so I just worked Disney. he came 1st in the grade 6/7 jumping.

His 2 agility rounds were not so great..he definitely had his poodle head on for them !!!!!! Once again it gave me a good opportunity for contact work.

So this weekend its WBSDS at Newbury.The weather forecast looks good,I'll keep you informed as to how it goes.


  1. Well done Rosie & Chip on your win at Wallingford.

    Nancy & Naughty Niamh

  2. Well done Rosie and Chip thats brill, love karen and the gang x