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Friday, April 04, 2008

Scrambles UKA Show(Friday)

Wow what a day..The sun shone all day and temperatures reached 18.5 degrees !!!! I didn't wear a T-shirt so I was sweltering.

It was lovely to have a show just 5 mins from my house.
I had entered the show mainly to train Chips contacts and more importantly his waits. I knew I would probably have to run the first class like a proper competition so that he would not know it was training.
His first class was Agility and I was disappointed that the second obstacle was the seesaw. It didn't give me any great distance for a wait and so chips wait was brilliant. I still made use of the round and worked his contacts ..His A-frame was spectacular,he literally jumped over the top of it at such speed it was unbelievable, he only hit one part of the down contact area and then landed with flair beautifully on the contact with 2 on and 2 off !! he then did a fantastic dog walk and also stopped dead.
In his steeplechase he broke the wait so I was able to correct him,the second time he did a 3 jump wait so I was able to praise him and then I let him do some jumps.
In the jumping I took the tuggy toy in with me (beauty of UKAgility shows) I hid it under my jumper,walked out to the second jump waited there for a second and then returned to him and produced my toy and played like mad with him. I reset him and then did the same start,this time I waited a bit longer,verbally praised him and then let him continue the class,I was then able to throw the toy over the last jump for a send on. A GOOD days training I feel. Lets see what tomorrow brings?
Woody was my star as always.....1st in the Novice agility, 3rd in the steeplechase ,and when I left he was laying 1st in the jumping..I'll have the result tomorrow. What a boy.
Disney I elected to run NFC in the agility(only class I entered) just to work on contacts.

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