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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Scrambles Saturday

What a difference a day makes !! Today was Cold and Wet. It wasn't too bad in the morning but by lunchtime the rain came.

Another very very successful day.
Beth, my 9 yr old niece, came along in the morning to work Woody and Chip in the Steeplechase. She trains with Woody every week and I felt this was a good opportunity for her to run Woody as there aren't many shows at the moment with Jr classes. She worked Chip first but unfortunately Chip went wrong and then he ran out the ring to look for me ! I shooed him back in and he then went on the finish the round very well.
Woody was in next. What a little star he was, and Beth handled him brilliantly. They came 2nd
Here is a video of her round

I was so pleased with Chip again. Every other class I opted for training rounds.His waits and contacts were brilliant. I worked his Agility round and he had the fastest time by 3.5 seconds but unfortunately got a pole down. Not all his rounds were videoed ,but here he is in the pairs.see his lovely wait and superb fast contacts.Shame he had the first pole down because that cost them a top 3 place !!!!

I trained Disney's rounds.
The star of both days is certainly Woody. 6 classes and 6 places..2 x 1st,1 x 2nd and 3 x 3rds. Beth has the 2nd place rosette missing from the picture.

Here is his Agility round


  1. Well done Rosie, some lovely rounds there.

  2. Well done Beth, Rosie has taught you well. I can see were we will be spending more weekends, Grandad & I might have to buy a camper van.
    Nan & Grandad

  3. Well done Rosie and Beth! Chip is brilliant, Saturn needs to catch up with him!!

  4. Well done Rosie and Beth ! x