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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Funny week weather wise !!

On Sunday I was due to go back to Scrambles show again, but I woke at 6-45 am , looked out of the window and all I could see was a thick blanket of snow,so I turned round and went straight back to bed for an hr.
I took the dogs out in the snow mid morning and they had a great time. Chip even did some weaving in the snow

On Wednesday another change in Temperature. It was so beautifully warm I decided to take my minded kids out to Bushy Park. I took Woody and Chip along as well and we had a fabulous morning. The joys of Childminding,enjoying the lovely weather outdoors,

On Wednesday evening I went training with Chip. I came away on an extreme high. As everyone who trains at Bookham knows ,Lynne and John Ward put up very complicated Grade 7 type exercises. Chip was on fire. He did everything beautifully, he was tight, fast and his contacts were superb. I think he went clear on all but one of the courses/exercises.What a boy !! It all bodes well for next weekend,

Friday we once again had peculiar weather. I set off on my walk in Esher woods in brilliant sunshine. Within 15 minutes the sky turned black,we had thunder and lightning( which I hate) and the rain and hailstones came. 15 minutes later blue skies and sun ,only to be followed once again a while later with more thunder and torrential rain. We finished the walk over an hr later in brilliant sunshine !!!!

Saturday morning Woody managed to cut his pad . It seems to be fine and not very deep but trying to keep it clean and covered is certainly causing problems!! Even though I am smothering the bandage in Bitter Apple he is still taking it off. I am hoping he'll still be able to compete at Wallingford,even if its just the team event ,but we'll see. He's not limping on it now( or if he is its very slight) and the cut seems to be sealing so time will tell. I cerainly won't run him if there is any doubt.

Today Andrea had hoped to come up to me to do some training with Quiche, but once again the weather couldn't decide what to do and it was a repeat of Friday nearly all day.

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