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Monday, April 28, 2008

WBSDS Show at Newbury & my own club news

Firstly I just have to say how very proud I am of 6 of my very own club members. They did their first UKA show at the weekend and they were ALL placed in their relevant classes. 2 of them even got a 1st and qualified for one of the finals that UKA do. In all they have probably had about 7 months of training and they were all complete beginners.Fantastic.

Right back to my weekend

Well at long last the nice weather arrived.
Woody's paw has healed (thank goodness)So I decided to go ahead & work him, but I put a special bandage (the one that sticks to itself ) on it just to protect the paw from any scuffs. He was fine and was so overjoyed to be working again. His first run was Grade 4-5 agility. He did a fantastic round,his contacts were fast and good and just after his run he went into 1st place. However he actually ended up 5th. I was very pleased with that as I really don't want him to win out of Grade 4. He is very comfortable in that grade and the courses suit him well.
He then went into Grade 4-5 jumping and came 7th in this.
Here is a video of his Agility round

As sure as eggs are eggs ,as soon as the video comes out I have terrible rounds with Chip.!!( missed all his good rounds because of the weather) He was totally over the top most of the weekend and even started bitching in one class !! maybe time for a little operation I think (poor Chip)
However he did do one lovely round. It was a Grade 5-7 jumping class(up with the big boys) he was lovely,but he had one pole down,he did it in a good time and I was extremely happy and pleased with him. here is the video of that round

Lastly ,but not least is Disney.
He did some great and not so great rounds. He actually came 4th in Gd 7 agility but they were only doing presentations down to 3rd. I find him quite hard to work nowadays compared with the honesty of both Chip and Woody. They rarely take the wrong jumps unless its my error,whereas dear Disney will just do whatever he fancies sometimes. he still makes me smile and I just love working him,he's such fun. I can't believe he will be 10 in a couple of weeks,I am just so pleased to still be working him and for him to still be as keen ,fast and competitive

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wallingford news & Woody's paw,

Well Woody's cut paw is taking a time to heal. he keeps licking it and tears any bandaging off that I put on. So no Wallingford for him. I went to Obedience club on Thursday and several people recommended dipping his paw in a very very dilute bleach solution ! apparently it works wonders on cut paws and really accelerated healing. I have to say that although I went out and bought the thin bleach I only tried it once. He immediately licked his paw again afterwards and I was really concerned about the bleach in his mouth.

Once I got to the show,everyone else recommended *New Skin* but that is supposed to be put on just after the accident, and I was concerned about putting it on a week later, so in desperation ,and on everyones recommendation ,I put Woody,my dear gentle soppy boy in a muzzle.!! In the hope it would allow the wound to heal. Well it seemed to be working up till yesterday . I took it off so he could eat and drink and I was then side tracked by the front door bell. When I got back(yes you've guessed) he had licked his paw and made it bleed again !!!!!!!!! So back on with the muzzle and straight up to the chemist for some new skin. Today(Tuesday) its looking good again,so fingers crossed.

So back to Wallingford

Fantastic news, Chip won Grade 5 Jumping. It was a tricky course and I went in after only about 20 odd dogs had already been. I was the first clear round(most being eliminated) and held the lead for over 200 dogs.!! His round was a joy,smooth, tight and very fast. Unfortunately once again no video.

In his other 2 agility rounds he had a pole down in one, and did a run by in the other. It gave me a great opportunity however to work his contacts.

Sunday there were no large dog runs apart from Brace pairs,which I obviously couldn't do because of Woody's paw, so I just worked Disney. he came 1st in the grade 6/7 jumping.

His 2 agility rounds were not so great..he definitely had his poodle head on for them !!!!!! Once again it gave me a good opportunity for contact work.

So this weekend its WBSDS at Newbury.The weather forecast looks good,I'll keep you informed as to how it goes.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Funny week weather wise !!

On Sunday I was due to go back to Scrambles show again, but I woke at 6-45 am , looked out of the window and all I could see was a thick blanket of snow,so I turned round and went straight back to bed for an hr.
I took the dogs out in the snow mid morning and they had a great time. Chip even did some weaving in the snow

On Wednesday another change in Temperature. It was so beautifully warm I decided to take my minded kids out to Bushy Park. I took Woody and Chip along as well and we had a fabulous morning. The joys of Childminding,enjoying the lovely weather outdoors,

On Wednesday evening I went training with Chip. I came away on an extreme high. As everyone who trains at Bookham knows ,Lynne and John Ward put up very complicated Grade 7 type exercises. Chip was on fire. He did everything beautifully, he was tight, fast and his contacts were superb. I think he went clear on all but one of the courses/exercises.What a boy !! It all bodes well for next weekend,

Friday we once again had peculiar weather. I set off on my walk in Esher woods in brilliant sunshine. Within 15 minutes the sky turned black,we had thunder and lightning( which I hate) and the rain and hailstones came. 15 minutes later blue skies and sun ,only to be followed once again a while later with more thunder and torrential rain. We finished the walk over an hr later in brilliant sunshine !!!!

Saturday morning Woody managed to cut his pad . It seems to be fine and not very deep but trying to keep it clean and covered is certainly causing problems!! Even though I am smothering the bandage in Bitter Apple he is still taking it off. I am hoping he'll still be able to compete at Wallingford,even if its just the team event ,but we'll see. He's not limping on it now( or if he is its very slight) and the cut seems to be sealing so time will tell. I cerainly won't run him if there is any doubt.

Today Andrea had hoped to come up to me to do some training with Quiche, but once again the weather couldn't decide what to do and it was a repeat of Friday nearly all day.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Scrambles Saturday

What a difference a day makes !! Today was Cold and Wet. It wasn't too bad in the morning but by lunchtime the rain came.

Another very very successful day.
Beth, my 9 yr old niece, came along in the morning to work Woody and Chip in the Steeplechase. She trains with Woody every week and I felt this was a good opportunity for her to run Woody as there aren't many shows at the moment with Jr classes. She worked Chip first but unfortunately Chip went wrong and then he ran out the ring to look for me ! I shooed him back in and he then went on the finish the round very well.
Woody was in next. What a little star he was, and Beth handled him brilliantly. They came 2nd
Here is a video of her round

I was so pleased with Chip again. Every other class I opted for training rounds.His waits and contacts were brilliant. I worked his Agility round and he had the fastest time by 3.5 seconds but unfortunately got a pole down. Not all his rounds were videoed ,but here he is in the pairs.see his lovely wait and superb fast contacts.Shame he had the first pole down because that cost them a top 3 place !!!!

I trained Disney's rounds.
The star of both days is certainly Woody. 6 classes and 6 places..2 x 1st,1 x 2nd and 3 x 3rds. Beth has the 2nd place rosette missing from the picture.

Here is his Agility round

Friday, April 04, 2008

Scrambles UKA Show(Friday)

Wow what a day..The sun shone all day and temperatures reached 18.5 degrees !!!! I didn't wear a T-shirt so I was sweltering.

It was lovely to have a show just 5 mins from my house.
I had entered the show mainly to train Chips contacts and more importantly his waits. I knew I would probably have to run the first class like a proper competition so that he would not know it was training.
His first class was Agility and I was disappointed that the second obstacle was the seesaw. It didn't give me any great distance for a wait and so chips wait was brilliant. I still made use of the round and worked his contacts ..His A-frame was spectacular,he literally jumped over the top of it at such speed it was unbelievable, he only hit one part of the down contact area and then landed with flair beautifully on the contact with 2 on and 2 off !! he then did a fantastic dog walk and also stopped dead.
In his steeplechase he broke the wait so I was able to correct him,the second time he did a 3 jump wait so I was able to praise him and then I let him do some jumps.
In the jumping I took the tuggy toy in with me (beauty of UKAgility shows) I hid it under my jumper,walked out to the second jump waited there for a second and then returned to him and produced my toy and played like mad with him. I reset him and then did the same start,this time I waited a bit longer,verbally praised him and then let him continue the class,I was then able to throw the toy over the last jump for a send on. A GOOD days training I feel. Lets see what tomorrow brings?
Woody was my star as always.....1st in the Novice agility, 3rd in the steeplechase ,and when I left he was laying 1st in the jumping..I'll have the result tomorrow. What a boy.
Disney I elected to run NFC in the agility(only class I entered) just to work on contacts.

Libby's Better !!

HOORAY..we are over it ! Libby has continued to get better and is now back on normal food and doing well. I am so shocked at how much weight she has lost though. She was already skin and bone and now she has lost another 1.5Kg and is down to 16.5 kg,less weight than my 2 boys. She certainly doesn't have anything to fall back on if she's poorly again. I can't tell you how relieved I am that she's better.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What a Weekend !

Hubby had to take his lovely Goldwing to Devon at the weekend to get a CB fitted, so as I didn't have a show we decided to go and visit my best friend Jane ( who deserted me 2 years ago to go and live in sunny Devon) and spend the weekend with her and her husband. We had planned to have maybe 2 lovely walks on Dartmoor. Well the weather was against us the whole weekend. The moment we arrived the heavens opened. The men decided to stay at home , whilst Jane and I braved a walk in the woods with her 9 dogs and my 2. We had only taken Woody and Chip with us for the weekend, because they fit in so well with her crowd, whereas Disney isn't too happy( to say the least) around other dogs. As it turned out we ended up having an almost dry walk.

Saturday Jane had to work,but that didn't matter as Steve and I went caravan looking,and once again we had hoped to go for our long walk in the afternoon,well the torrential rain didn't stop ALL day.
On Sunday morning we had a phone call from Laura to say that our elderly Standard Poodle *Libby* was very poorly. She had acute diarrhoea,vomiting and passing blood. She had no transport and our vet was closed ,only a locum was on duty at another surgery who was unreachable !!
I was extremely worried as Jane has a fair knowledge of Dogs( having worked in a vets for the past 10 years)and she feared that Libby's organs may be shutting down. Libby has been on borrowed time for the last year or so, she has a severe heart and lung condition and is frighteningly thin.

We finished walking the dogs( We were already out when the calls came)and then went back, got all our belongings together and left for home. I really was expecting the worst when we got in,but incredibly Libby looked quite bright. She ate some boiled fish and seemed much better.
I had planned to take her straight to the emergency vet but felt that maybe she was on the mend so decided to wait till the morning.
I then proceeded to get my carpet shampoer out to clean the carpets where she had messed. Laura had done a good job of clearing up but they definitely needed a more thorough job. I had just done one sweep across the carpet when it went *BANG* and blue smoke appeared.......the blooming thing had blown up.

Libby was still not right in the morning and so I saw Emily ,my Vet the next day .She gave Libby a jab,some antibiotics,probiotics and some special food ,hoping that it was just a nasty bug, but also said she could not rule out a variety of much worse things. Unfortunately she felt that if Libby didn't pick up within 2-3 days it would be kinder to say goodbye.

Well I am writing this on Tuesday night and things have improved a little. She has stopped vomiting and passing blood *but* she is till loose. So please keep fingers and toes crossed and pray hard that she will get better. I know its fantastic that she has reached the grand age of 14 yrs(for a Standard poodle that's amazing) and every day she's with us its a miracle ,but its so hard to watch them when they are so poorly and wonder if I'm being kind keeping her going.
I am sure I'll know when the time is right.