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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mid Downs

I love Mid Downs Show. The first show of the season for me, well apart from Crufts.
I was really looking forward to starting the year with Chip in Grade 5. At Mid Downs he had his first Big Boy class .. Grade 5-7. I was elated at his performance. I have been working very hard on increasing his speed over the Dog walk. His A-frame has never been as slow and his see saw is the exact opposite ( too fast sometimes !) He had a bad turn after the A-frame ,this must have cost him a second of time, but he still ended up 16th!

Here is a video of his round

Woody had 3 excellent rounds but unfortunately had a pole down in the jumping.I pushed him too hard in his agility round and he skipped out the last weave !! He was doing a fantastic Gd 4-5 Agility round and I felt he was clear,but he got marked on his Dog walk !! The position of the jump after the Dog walk meant I had to get him right to the end so I could push him over the jump, I am so sure he must have got the contact ( and he rarely misses dog walk contacts) that I was dumb struck when I saw his sheet. Still that's the way the cookie crumbles,you win some, you lose some. I was really pleased with him anyway.I didn't get the round videoed but I do have one of his jumping round where he knocked the pole.

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