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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Celebration Show

Well I have just returned from a very very cold , but very very successful Easter Celebration show.
We arrived on Thursday and were parked in the helpers camping area ( which is nice and near the rings) because Jennie was Judging and we were all helping on her ring. Unfortunately it was decided on the Friday morning by the organisers, because of the weather conditions to move the show over to the other side of Ardingly into the indoor arena and outside sand schools. As it transpired we were then miles away. We really didn't mind because at least the show was able to go ahead. I drove all mine and Andreas dogs in the Van up to be nearer the building each morning,unfortunately this meant I couldn't park next to my Caravan at night, because of the risk of getting stuck or churning up the already muddy grass. One good thing about it was we had an almost private camping and exercise area ( very peaceful !!)

Now back to my Dogs runs. Unfortunately I don't have any video as it was sooooo cold and we didn't really feel like geting frost bite whilst videoing, and sods law I did some of my best runs !!

On the Saturday :


  • 2nd in the Easter connection class
  • 4th in the Gd 4-7 jumping.
The tunnel demon was still with me and Disney in his agility class !!!


  • 2nd in the Gd 4-5 Jumping , he led the class all morning and then was beaten near the end by 0-05 sec !!
  • 5th in Gd 4-5 Jumping
  • 12th Gd 4-5 Agility

Sunday was a fab day


  • 2nd in the KC Novice Olympia qualifier
  • 2nd in Gd 5 Jumping
  • 5th in 1-7 Helter Skelter

  • 10th in Grade 4 Jumping
  • 15th in Grade 3/4 Jumping
I am very proud of my boys,in particular Mr Chip. I am overjoyed he actually got the 2nd in the KC Olympia qualifier ,because it means he gets to stay in Grade 5 as well as qualifying for the Semi's later this year.I feel Grade 6 may be too much for him at the moment, although he does seem to cope fairly well with the more complicated courses.
The most frightening thing was when we went into his final class on Sunday ( Grade 5-6 agility)
He sat on the start line,shivering with excitement and frothing at the mouth, !! By the time the scrimer said in your own time, he was almost uncontrollable. I managed to get a 2 jump wait however, and then he set off like a missile . He did the first 3 jumps beautifully ,but didn't listen on the 4th and rather than turn right decided to take the jump straight in front.
I hope this isn't a sign of things to come now his confidence is souring.!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mid Downs

I love Mid Downs Show. The first show of the season for me, well apart from Crufts.
I was really looking forward to starting the year with Chip in Grade 5. At Mid Downs he had his first Big Boy class .. Grade 5-7. I was elated at his performance. I have been working very hard on increasing his speed over the Dog walk. His A-frame has never been as slow and his see saw is the exact opposite ( too fast sometimes !) He had a bad turn after the A-frame ,this must have cost him a second of time, but he still ended up 16th!

Here is a video of his round

Woody had 3 excellent rounds but unfortunately had a pole down in the jumping.I pushed him too hard in his agility round and he skipped out the last weave !! He was doing a fantastic Gd 4-5 Agility round and I felt he was clear,but he got marked on his Dog walk !! The position of the jump after the Dog walk meant I had to get him right to the end so I could push him over the jump, I am so sure he must have got the contact ( and he rarely misses dog walk contacts) that I was dumb struck when I saw his sheet. Still that's the way the cookie crumbles,you win some, you lose some. I was really pleased with him anyway.I didn't get the round videoed but I do have one of his jumping round where he knocked the pole.

March including Crufts 2008

I have at long last decided to join the band wagon and start my own Blog,especially as its the start of the new Agility season.I hope you will bear with me whilst I get the hang of it. Any help warmly welcome. I shall back date this to the beginning of March so I can include my Crufts experience.!!!!!!!!!!!

My preparation for Crufts 2008 started in ernest back in January. I did a bad injury to my Hamstring/Piriformis(Bottom) muscle back last July. At the time I saw a sports Physio and she did various deep massages to try and release the tightened muscle, but it just refused to get better. I did lots of swimming right up till December before we went to Olympia. After Xmas I decided that I had to once again try to get to get this injury fixed. I went back to my original Physio for Acupuncture. I had 6 sessions and it definitely helped, she also said that although my hamstring was tight, the actual injury site was just behind my hip bone.
I also invested in a magnet bracelet, a magnetic hand massager, and also a month ago bought a very expensive electronic massager (like they use on horses) Things have definitely improved but I still have to run on pain killers/anti-inflamatories.

Disney's preparation was regular swimming and a slight increase in training. I also did a couple of extra Toni D training sessions with him as well.

Well Crufts came round very quickly . Jane ,my best friend came up from Devon to stay.We went up on the Thursday for a shopping day. Friday was an early start..5am. Disney and I were part of the Sunbury & Hanworth DTC team. Sue & Bug went first and got 5 faults. I went second, Disney did an uncharacteristic back jump on the long jump and we got the big*E*. Toni Johnson & Mouse were 3rd and also got an *E*. Alan Gardener and Jude were last and he went clear. Even with the 2 eliminations we were 5th,just one place from qualifying for the final.

Saturday I stayed home.It was my Dad's 90th Birthday and the the family were doing a special birthday lunch. We had a lovely relaxing afternoon.

Sunday back up to Crufts, Another early start,we left at 6 am again. Today was Champ day. The courses were incredibly trappy and tricky. First was the jumping..Disney did a fantastic round,he listened to me all the way,I have posted the video below.He came 2nd. Next was the Agility round,unfortunately my camcorder decided at that moment to play up so I don't have that round to post yet..hopefully I will get it sent to me soon.Disney was again a very good boy,it was a bit nail biting with a lot of panic moments but we got round it, and it secured our slot in the finals. There were so many eliminations that only 3 medium dogs got through to the Final. I was very confident as Disney had beaten the other dogs many times ,and I knew we just had to pull off a clear. I really really wanted this, Disney will be 10 in May and it would have been lovely to have made him up to an Agility Champion at Crufts. I could then have just enjoyed his last year or so of competing without all the pressure of Champ classes.I also fear that with all the new small ultra fast collies now coming out ie Gemma & Hoax and Natasha's Dizzy etc that the chances of Disney getting the last 2 CC's is now fairly remote. Well as the whole of the country and millions of viewers saw it all went horribly wrong. Disney did a wonderful wait ,putting me in the right spot for the jump tunnel combination, he however missed the jump and I had to get him to do it, putting me in the wrong place for the tunnel, he then took this from the wrong end !! I should have carried on but I decided ( as it transpired)to put him back into the right end, he however then started to argue with me, and for what seemed like an eternity barked whilst I tried to put him in it. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me,I felt sooo embarrassed. I couldn't wait to finish the course and get out. I have to confess to having a small cry as I walked out back..all my hopes and dreams gone.

Still after a day or so I put things back into perspective and vowed to try really hard to get those 2 cc's this year.

So last Sunday I set off to Chippenham to try and do just that. I was feeling stronger ,more confident and somehow had a new determination.

Disney repeated the Crufts scenario..Fantastic Jumping round (Video below) in which he got 2nd again. He also got a clear in the Agility. He was 3rd from last to go in the Final and yes you've guessed..ELIMINATION. Not in such a spectacular way as Crufts but still a big * E * This time however it was entirely my fault. Terrible body language and I pointed him directly at the jump rather than pull him past it to get into the weaves.

What I have noted now is Disneys increasing barking/arguing at me on the courses !!!!!! I am finding this very frustrating , it seems to be when he's in the position of facing me,such as pulling him towards me rather than sending on away from me.... something else to tack

Disney's Crufts Champ Jumping Round (2nd Place)

Chippenham.Disneys Champ Jumping Round( 2nd Place)