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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fozzie update

Well Fozzie is now 11 weeks old. He is truly a lovable monster. He is on the go almost from morning till night. He's had his first Jab and I am eagerly waiting his 2nd so that he can start going out. I am doing a little clicker training most days for about 5 minutes at a time. He hasn't been as quick on the uptake as my other dogs. He is very keen when I first produce the clicker and food and is very focused on me,however he just seems to have trouble grasping what I want. I have kept everything very up beat and he now does a lovely quick sit,will offer his paw, but the down has been really hard..he's perfect when I use my finger and point to the ground but take away any visual signal and he hasn't a clue. I have been watching some youtube videos of other 8-12 week old puppies doing all sorts of wonderful tricks etc and I have been despairing of Fozzie. I shall persevere and I hope it will just click eventually. By now my other puppies would have been offering behaviours in the hope of getting the click and treat, but if I stop and wait he just walks off and finds something else to do rather than work out how to get his reward.
My other problem has been house training and his food !!!
House training is taking an age. I have now made a small enclosure in the garden with his paper in it,I am putting him out every 15 minutes and he now almost goes at once..however he often comes straight back indoors and pees (usually on the carpet or dog beds!) A bit like the clicker training its just taking him a long time to click I think.
Food..well he came to me with a small amount of Beta Puppy. He also had very loose stools when he arrived. I kept him on this food but he still didn't firm up. I had him booked in for his first jab 48 hrs later but my vet wouldn't give it to him because of his upset tummy.He was put on a short course of antibiotics and a diet of Chicken/fish & rice followed by Hills I/D prescription diet for a few days. Immediately he improved. However as soon as I introduced any other food he got loose again !!!
I thought at long last I had found something that suited him..ie Natures Harvest moist food. Its very similar to Naturediet but smells , looks much nicer & has good ingredients. I had been mixing it in with the ID and gradually increasing the amount. However yesterday he was loose again !! He did have his jab yesterday so that may be why...time will tell.
I hope over the next few weeks to start him on raw food, I am hoping he'll be great then as all my other dogs have ,and there will be no turning back.
Here are 2 pictures I took today. His hair on his face is getting longer and is coming through white !!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xmas Piccie

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Xmas from my hairy crew..Shame that Woody looks so fed up!!!
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fozzie update

Well Fozzie has been with me a week now and I have to say he is the naughtiest puppy I have had !!! He also won't keep still long enough to have a photo taken,s
o I have added a picture of him asleep as that the only way I could get one. Everything but everything is picked up,eaten or chewed. He is a very motivated puppy however ..he loves toys alot,he is also very into food so this will help with his training . I have clued him into the clicker and have started shaping some behaviours. He already knows a sit without any luring,has a reasonable down(with a little help) and a few seconds wait.
Woody & Chip love him to bits,Jake & Wispa tolerate him but Disney hates him. Disney isn't good with other dogs in his space and he hates puppies even more. We have kept them pretty much separate so far. I have crates in every room so either Disney can have time out or Fozzie. But whenever Fozzie goes anywhere near the crate Disney looks & sounds so ferocious & little Fozzie just couldn't give a damn,he just stands there wagging his tail at Disney..a bit worrying me thinks !!!
Fozzie is one hell of a confident puppy,scarily so.
I took the boys for their weekly swim(Chips last before Olympia) and at the end Sue said to bring Fozzie in. We put a life jacket on him and gently put him in..well he was off ..Sue says they normally are very worried and have trouble getting their balance in the water,but not Fozzie.. It was like he had been swimming all his life. He only stayed in for about 1 minute but he loved it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Fozzie has arrived !! We picked him up today & so far he has made himself very at home. I have to say I think I must be mad getting puppy in this weather..its freezing standing outside trying to encourage a tiny puppy to go for a wee ,who hasn't the slightest idea what I'm talking about ha ha. I have never paper trained my puppies in the past,but with the weather forecast over the next few days I think I may just do that as a temporary measure.
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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lovely Walk Today

Woody's Paw is better & the boys have had their check up at the Chiro, so today I took them for a lovely walk up at Chatley Heath.
I just love this picture of my special boy Disney . We also came across a tree that had been decorated with all Xmas tree ornaments.It looked so lovely,especially in the sunshine.I just had to get a picture of it. Shame about Woody & Chips tongues in their pic!! ha ha
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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Woody's Poorly Paw

Poor Woody cut his pad on his front right leg again last Tuesday. Its been a miserable week again for him & also Disney & Chip. Woody would not leave his paw alone , he licked & chewed at it as soon as our backs were turned& any bandage was pulled off instantly ,so I had no alternative but to put a muzzle on him again so that the wound had a chance to heal. I had previously bought some good cream(after his last cut pad) that Amanda had recommended called Ultrasalve. Its a natural product which is anti bacterial and really helps wounds to heal. I think it certainly helped and before walks I also used some Germolene spray on plaster to help keep out any dirt , I also put a Mikki boot on him as well. Well the Mikki boots are pretty useless & after about 10/15 minutes were sodden and just fell off . On one particular walk I ended up carrying Woody for 10 minutes back to the Van as I didn't want him to get the foot dirty from all the mud & risk infection. I can tell you he's very heavy !!!! So after this the dogs walks have been very limited & if I left him behind he just barked & howled.
The only bonus for him is that he's been sleeping upstairs with us because he has to wear the muzzle. I was very concerned about leaving him downstairs muzzled in case anything happened.
Well the good news is its now pretty much healed. So by this weekend I guess he will be able to go back to normal walks, although the dogs have their 6 monthly visit to the chiropractors on Friday, & I'm sure as eggs are eggs they will all need a little tweaking somewhere & will have to take things easy for yet another 48 hrs !!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Discover Dogs November 2008

I suddenly realised I hadn't posted about Discover Dogs. Well as usual it was held at Earls Court up in London. I have been invited up there for the past 5 years. They have invitation events on both days but I only go for one day. They mainly ask the dogs that have qualified for Olympia, but usually 2 or 3 people can't make it especially if they have to travel a long distance ( especially as its only 2 runs) which is why I have always been asked as I live so near to the venue. I have actually got there in my own right with Disney the previous 2 years( but unfortunately not this year)and because of this they ask me to bring Woody along as well to be reserve for the ABC event. I never enter my dogs in the normal ABC events because they are after all part Collie, but as this is an invitation & Woody looks nothing like a collie they have said it doesn't matter.
Well in previous years I have never even had a clear round up there. Both dogs love the crowd and play to them and therefore make mistakes(usually the contacts) Well this year typically Disney did make mistakes & for some reason missed his weave entry both times,this is very unusual for him !!
But Mr Woody was star and came 2nd in the morning event and won the afternoon event. I felt really bad about this and even asked Dave Ray to give my prize & placing to Ray who came second. Dave was adamant that I should keep the win & be proud of Woody, and as he said everyone there had been invited as well. I still feel a bit bad though.
Anyway here is a video of their rounds

Disney & Woody at Discover Dogs 2008 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Swimming Video

I've been trying out my new mobile phone & its got a wicked function on it whereas you can take a video ,do a little bit of editing & then send it direct to You tube from your mobile.

Voila this is the result.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Woody on TV

For anyone who missed Woody's TV appearance today ,here is a link to the BBCi site where it can be viewed for just 7 days !!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The boys had a great time today swimming in their favourite pool. Chips getting fit for Olympia !!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Update on TV Appearance

Just an update..The programme is called " Humphrey the Painter" & its actually on at 4-50pm on Cbeebies Mon 10th Nov.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woody's TV Appearance Date

Just had the email today that Woody will be on Cbeebies on 10th November at 4-45pm. I am really excited about this and just hope he looks as good on screen as he did whilst he was filming. I am not sure how long the actual programme is, but I expect it will be just 10 or 15 minutes as that is about the length of Cbeebies programmes. I don't know the full programme name but it's got Humphrey in the title.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Suffolk Five Rivers & Mid Downs

I should have posted about Suffolk Five Rivers last week, but with the filming just didn't get time to download my videos.

had a phenomenal weekend..He got 2 x 1st places in Gd 7 and 1 x 2nd place in Gd 7. He also came 2nd in the pairs with Jennie & Stella. Unfortunately and typically when he's done so well no Video !!

was an absolute star. Only his 2nd show at Gd 6 and he came 3rd in a very tricky Gd 6 Jumping and 7th in Gd 6 Agility..If only I could get a faster dog walk his times would be a lot better. He did the same course that Disney won and his time was actually 0.4 seconds faster!!!!and he was less than a second behind the top 3 places. Its amazing how tight all these times are in the top 10 places !!

..what a boy.He clocked up 3 x top 5 places again.

I didn't have my faithful Video taker so I only have 1 run of Woody's, but luckily I did get both of Chips brilliant runs.

Chip at Suffolk Five Rivers from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


Lovely day.Only one ring as its held at the Game & Agricultural show at Ardingly. The day started off being beautiful and sunny ,but by lunchtime the rain came in and it was really miserable.
No runs for Disney as it was only for Large dogs.

was brilliant he came 2nd in the Gd 4 Jumping and 2nd in the Agility. I was on tender hooks because I am happy with him in Gd 4 and I really didn't want him winning the Agility.

CHIP worked beautifully and I was very pleased with him.Unfortunately he had a very slight run by on the jumping and a pole down in the agility.

I did get Woody's runs on Video..here is one run for Suffolk and his Mid Downs one.

Woody at Five Rivers & Mid Downs from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Woody's filming is finished !

We finished filming at about 1 pm today.Filming ran over by half a day. I am just sooo proud of my boy Woody. He did everything and more that was expected of him. He won the hearts of all the crew and especially Justin Fletcher ( of Mr Tumble fame for the kids) He just looked so cute sitting in the car for the scenes and during the outside shots , even when things happened ie an artists easel fell on his leg he just carried on. The programme is due to be shown on Cbeebies sometime during the week beginning 10th November.
Lets hope it's successful.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Woody is Filming

Woody is at present doing some film work for a TV pilot series for Cbeebies starring Justin Fletcher. We have spent all day today at Chorleywood,Herts and he is there again tomorrow & Thursday. What a star he is. Everyone just loves him. Unfortunately I can't go with him tomorrow(I am working) but I am taking him again Thursday. He didn't have too much to do today,he just sat in the front of a Morris Minor with the star.Most of his work is tomorrow & Thursday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tenterden Agility show (Paws in the Park)13/14th Sept

Wow what a fantastic weekend,weather wise. The show was held at the Hop Farm nr Tunbridge Wells.. We had fabulous camping ,nice and near the exercise area and also nice and near the rings ,we had huge pitches so we had lovely big gardens round our caravans. The weather was just superb as well and to top it all I also had quite a successful weekend.

.. came 1st in grade 6-7 Agility. It was tricky course with the contacts all parallel to each other. many dogs were taking the wrong contacts,but Disney was superb.Unfortunately I didn't get his run on video. Chip also ran this same course in Large,but unfortunately had a pole down. His time was less than a second slower than Disney's time,so I was well pleased.I have been wondering how Chip will fair in the higher classes so now I know.
Disney also came 4th in another Grade 6-7 agility & 4th in Grade 6-7 Jumping. He didn't do quite so well in his last class of the weekend. It was soooooo tricky. There was a tunnel weave trap which had to negotiated twice on the course..there was elimination after elimination..and yes Disney got eliminated. Actually Chip did better than Disney on this course and he didn't get eliminated till the 2nd trap much nearer the end.
We also ran mediums pairs with Toni Dawkins & Minx. We did a stonking round and we came 1st.
here is a video of the pairs run & the really tricky grade 6-7 course that both he & Chip did.

Disney & Minx in Medium pairs at Tenterden,Sept 2008 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Gd 6-7 Agility. really tricky course at Tenterden,Sept 2008 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

CHIP was a very good boy. First show up with the big boys in Grade 6.In his first grade 6 course he was clear . His contacts were a bit slow so he finished just out of the top 15 . He did the same Grade 6-7 course that Disney won and made a very good job of it but just had a pole down,but with a very good time. In another Grade 6 class he got eliminated very early on,but I made use of the course and trained all his contacts. I have included that video( somehow first part got missed!!) because I was very pleased with his contacts.As mentioned above his last class was an incredibly tricky grade 6-7 agility.he actually did a better job of it than his Uncle Disney !! Below is a video of his runs including both tricky ones!!

Chips 1st & 2nd ever Grade 6 class at Tenterden,Sept 2008 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Chips lovely contacts from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

WOODY well Mr reliable did it again. He got a 3rd in Grade 4-5 agility, a 4th in grade 4 jumping and a 7th in 4-5 jumping. On his last run on Sunday (Gd 4-5 agility)he was going absolutely fantastically(although I do think he had a slightly suspect dog walk contact !!) but my body language and arm pointed to a jump that he wasn't supposed to take, and he missed the last jump. Someone who was watching the clock said that he was on to win the class,so maybe its just as well he got eliminated because I am more than happy with him in Grade 4.
Only got one run of his on video and that was the last one he did

Woody In Gd 4-5 agility at Tenterden,sept 2008 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

All my recent news

Firstly big apologies for not updating my blog for 2 months. I just didn't have the heart to do it after I lost Libby and I really wanted her tribute to stay on top for a while.
I now feel the time is right so here I go with all my news and results since then.


I scrimed for Andrea who was judging all day.
Disney had 2 x 2nd places .
Woody had 2 x 4th places.
Chip unfortunately didn't fair so well and got faults in all his classes. No video because Andrea was judging


What a great weekend we had.
DISNEY came 1st in Gd 6/7 Jumping & 4th in the KC Olympia qualifier.
WOODY had a 4th in Gd 4 Agility & some minor places in his other classes.
CHIP won the KC qualifier ( his 3rd time of qualifying !!)and he also got a 4th in his other Grade 5 Agility class. Most of his other classes he got either 5 faults or eliminated.
No video unfortunately because once again Andrea was judging on one day and on the other we just didn't get round to it(typical I just don't ever seem to get my best rounds on tape !)


only had one place all weekend with me and that was in Gd 7 jumping where he came 3rd. However what a star he was with my Niece Beth. She ran him in the YKC qualifier and I really didn't expect Disney to stay in the ring with her ,however they did a stonking round and came 2nd ,which qualified her for Crufts 2009.HOORAY
WOODY I am not quite sure what was wrong with Woody. There were guns shooting over on the fields and he clearly wasn't concentrating. Beth qualified him for the International young handler Final,he was going beautifully but then lost complete concentration,which unfortunately cost him dearly and they got eliminated.

I have added a video below of her lovely run with Disney and the Final with Woody.

Beth with Woody & Disney at the KC International Festival from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.
CHIP was a good boy and I got several nice top 10 places. I only got a couple of my runs recorded..one with Woody and one with Chip which I have also added below.

Chip & Woody at the KC International Festival from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


We had a very varied week of weather,ranging from the very wet and very windy to a couple of really nice warm days.
DISNEY did some stunning runs and I was very pleased with him.He got 5 top 5 places during the week. He qualified for the Championship final but sadly went into the wrong weave( seemed to be his Achilles heal that week !!) he also qualified for the end of week Finals
WOODY was still not quite himself and seemed to lack concentration for most of the week. He did however also manage to qualify for the end of week Finals.
CHIP was on fire all week and had several top 10 places in Gd 5 including 3 3rd places. Once again he qualified for the end of week Finals.
How proud was I to get
ALL of my dogs to the Finals. I have added a video below of the Finals.

Dogs in Need Finals from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.


Well this has to have been my best and most successful show & weekend to date !!!!!
My dogs managed a grand total of 13 places between them and 6 trophies !!!!!!!
DISNEY had a 1st,2nd ,2 x 3rd and a 4th
WOODY seemed to be back to his old self and amassed a 4th,5th 7th ,9th and 11th place.
CHIP got a 1st,3rd,16th ( made a right pigs ear of the course !!)
sorry no video all weekend.

and lastly for this show update is the best news...............


Well what can I say apart from... " WE ARE GOING TO OLYMPIA IN DECEMBER"

CHIP came 6th in the warm up event in the morning and then did a lovely round in the actual semi except he came off the seesaw to one side( very uncharacteristic ) so got 5 faults. However 35 dogs qualify for the final. There were 30 clear rounds so they took the 5 fastest 5 fault rounds,which fortunately Chip was...phew.They were lovely courses set by Bill Glover
Here is a video of his rounds

Chip in the KC Olympia semi's at Stoneleigh from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Libby ,The saddest news

Last Sunday (30th June) I had to say Goodbye to Dear Sweet Libby.
I was at Lansdown Agility Show for the weekend. Libby had had a bit of an upset tummy a couple of days before I went,but she had been on a prescription diet and she had fully recovered. We had a lovely Saturday,we had been for a lovely walk,Libby had laid in the caravan garden on her favourite bed in the sun, and had loads of fuss whilst friends sat with me for a cuppa and cakes. It was even mentioned how well she looked albeit still painfully thin !. Sunday morning came and once again we had a lovely walk and she demanded her breakfast as usual. I delayed it for a while as I had to run Woody & Chip in their classes. I fed her when I returned and she polished off the lot as usual.
She then spent the morning mooching around the caravan & garden. However about 2 hrs later I noticed her trying to be sick a couple of times. I wasn't unduly concerned to start with and went off to run Disney,when I returned she was laying awkwardly on her bed,was shivering and had pale gums. She was also very unsteady. I knew instantly something was wrong,her stomach also felt tight. My friend Jennie went to see if there was a vet on site and came back with the details of the emergency vet in Bath. She phoned for me and we went straight there. Libby bless her wagged her tail as I got her out of the van, so I was feeling more optimistic. The vet was lovely and couldn't immediately see what her problem was, but agreed something was clearly wrong ,so it was suggested that she took her in,take some bloods, put her on a drip to stabilise her and also take an Xray of her stomach as it was clear that was where the problem was , and to also make her comfy for the journey home. We left her there expecting to pick her up in a couple of hrs......about and hr later we got the call saying to come back as Libby had a torsion. I was totally devastated and I am so grateful I had friends around me.I knew instantly what had to be done. I was also so upset that Libby wasn't at home ,or that my wonderful Vet Emily wasn't there at the end, she had been so good to Libby for the last 6 years, added to that Steve or Laura wouldn't be able to say goodbye to her. However I was so lucky that the vet was so kind and compassionate and was extremely gentle. We made Libby comfortable on vet bed on the floor and I knelt down with her whilst she went. The Vet then suggested I bring all my other dogs in to say goodbye. they all sniffed her and then walked away apart from Chip who licked her face. That was very very moving.
I have made a video tribute to Libby below. Please take time to watch it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thames & Axtane & Puppies

Ooops really sorry,I've been really bad and not kept up to speed with my blog.

Firstly Thames weekend. What a glorious weekend,it was very hot..certainly a long time coming.

Disney is working so well. He did some fantastic rounds and got some nice top 5 places. He came 4th in the KC Olympia qualifier but unfortunately no-one above him had already qualified so he missed out this time. Only 2 more chances to Qualify for this years semi's so time is running out!! He also gained some points in the Crufts heat as well. he did a stonking round but I over cooked getting him into the tunnel under the A-Frame and he ran past the entrance. There were very few clear rounds as it was a very testing course and even with 5 faults he came 7th !!

Disney's KC Agility round at Thames from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Woody was a star as usual. He tries so hard for me and if he puts in a clear he almost always gets in the top 10 places or higher.He got 7th in Grade 4 agility, but unfortunately in his other rounds he managed to get 5 faults in them.
Beth worked him in the Jr class and she lost her way,even so they still ended up 7th.

Chip Hmmm Well...... what can I say?? he certainly had his manic head on all weekend. He wasn't listening to me,had jumps down all over the place and was generally hard work!! he still is fun but I was quite frustrated.Lets hope its just a minor hiccup?? I guess its his confidence growing.

Axtane Weekend

Another fantastic weekend weather wise. What a lovely show Axtane is. Its so relaxed and chilled.

Disney was on great form again. Firstly the best bit of news..he's qualified for the Olympia Semis...Whoo hoo......So at the KC Festival in August we'll be trying once again to get to the finals in December. My leg is feeling so much better now(thanks to the Wii Fit I am sure, lol ) and I am happier running on it again now,I am sure this is helping.
He also got 2 other 4th places in jumping rounds. I have been trying to speed up his contacts again as he had started to creep down them,well its certainly working but unfortunately today he missed a dog walk because of it,so its back to steadying him again now for a while.

Woody was having a slightly off weekend. He had a pole off in all but 3 of his classes,and he also missed a dog walk contact. Homework for the next 2 weeks ( as we have a fortnight off from shows now) is Contact training.He did however get a couple of nice places in an agility & Jumping class.

Chip was slightly improved on last weekend. He's certainly going faster and faster but he is knocking poles. His last run of the day was lovely.His turns were tight and he was very responsive but 4 jumps from the end once again he dropped a pole. He got an elimination in the Gd 5-7 Agility , again right at the end of the course. He was going great,he had got all the tricky bit right(where a lot of the others were getting eliminated)and then all he had to do was go from the seesaw to a jump straight in front of it,but no he decided to take the jump to the right ???? It was a great run and I was very happy with his attitude.

Unfortunately I had no video taken over the weekend,my friend who normally films for me didn't come to the show.

Puppies,Puppies everywhere !!

Everywhere I go people have got lovely new puppies and I am getting more and more broody. I keep being told by everyone that my next dog should be a Border Collie and to be honest I have been thinking along those lines,but my heart is definitely with the hairies as well.
I feel so very honoured that in the last 2 weeks I have been offered 3 different puppies,the people particularly wanted *me* to have one of their babies because of the way I look after my dogs and what I do with them.. There was one gorgeous black and white B/C from fantastic breed/working lines,her father is a Sh Champion and is producing some cracking agility dogs. I was actually offered her at almost a give away price, the person had turned down many homes already and was waiting for the right person( and she actually said that would be*me*). I didn't even dare go look at her in the flesh( I had seen her picture and that was bad enough!) The other was an all black poodle/collie cross,but all black is just not my thing and then there was also another working line B/C.
I was very good and resisted them all. By the end of this year/beginning of next year I think the time may be right and hopefully the right puppy will just come along....unless I get really tempted beforehand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Soggy Supadogs

I was so excited to be getting away for my first weeks holiday. We arrived on the Thursday and the temp was up in the 20's. Friday we helped set up and once again it was a fabulous day.
Saturday was scorching hot and my week started off fantastically.
Chip came 12th in Gd 4-7 Agility,he did a funny turn before the jump before the dog walk, and was slightly slower over the dogwalk than I would have liked,which cost him valuable time. Even with this he was only 2 seconds behind the winning time!!
He then went into Gd 5 jumping and did a lovely round and came 5th. His Grade 5 Agility round wasn't quite so great. I lost a bit of concentration as I was queuing , Woody had escaped from the caravan garden and I was called over the tannoy to collect him !! I have started a start line routine with Chip which gets him focused and slightly calmer,obviously this went to pot and his performance showed,he was very ott and it all went pear shaped.

Chip @ Supadogs in May 2008 from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.

Disney was on fire,his first round was Grade 6/7 Agility which he did beautifully and he won the class !(life in the old boy yet !!) He then did a superb jumping round,it was very tricky,but Disney really listened to me,however he knocked the long jump.....his time was Fab,

Woody's first round was first thing in the morning,the ground was very wet and he slipped,I then took it very carefully with him from there,he was clear but just out of the top ten.He had a pole down in his 2 jumping classes but was much happier.(sorry no videos of Woody)

We had a very wet night, but Sunday the sun shone and it was very humid and hot.
Chip once again put in a great round in the Grade 5 jumping and came 4th. However in his agility round he got eliminated .
Disney was a star again and came 4th in the Grade 6/7 jumping..he did a funny turn after a jump which cost him time. But he was really listening and working well. In his Agility round he got marked for both his A-Frame and See-saw !! I know he did get his A-Frame,but he was a bit naughty on his See Saw.

Disney at Supadogs.Gd 6/7 jumping, 4th place ! from Rosie Ison on Vimeo.
Woody got 7th in his jumping.

Things were going so well with my boys and I was looking forward to a great week..however Sunday night we had horrendous weather,strong winds and heavy rain and the show was cancelled for the day on Monday.However during the day the river burst its banks and people had to be moved with haste.Half way through the afternoon everyone had to be evacuated from the camping areas because the River Medway was on red flood alert. By 5 pm the announcement came that the show for the whole week had to be cancelled. :-(

We had already been moved to a safe area so we decided to stay for the night . The mood was very sad and sobre.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Disney is 10 years old today !! Where does the time go??? He is one in a million dog,I love him so much. Here is a little collage I did of him...wasn't he a cute puppy?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vyne & Tunbridge Wells & Film work !

Sorry I missed posting last week. It seemed like I was no sooner back from Vyne that I was getting ready to go to Tunbridge Wells. Also in between Disney had a media job for Hills dog food. Phew !


OK firstly Vyne. Disney's Champ Class. The judge was Andy Hudson and normally Andy is my good luck charm. I have always done well with my dogs when Andy has been judging,and in particular Disney. He got his 2nd at Olympia 2006 when Andy judged and also qualified for Olympia 2007 in the semi's that Andy judged also.
First round was the jumping. Disney did a cracking run, a bit hairy in places(excuse the pun)but was clear. Next was the agility,again a nice clear round,fairly composed by mine and Disney's standards and Disney finished 4th! So we were through to the final. I walked the course and realised there was one place I could lose him so I knew I would have to work this piece hard. I overcooked the turn off the dog walk and was eliminated. My final nerves and demon had got me again !!!!!!!! I really now think that the chances of me getting Disney's final 2 cc's are dwindling..bless him he's 10 next week and I just want to enjoy working him without too much pressure and I think I just put too much pressure on him in Finals. Toni Dawkins and Minx won the CC and it made Minx up to Champion with a fantastic run,and even if Disney had gone clear ,he could no way have matched the precision and speed of Minx.

Woody(bless him) was a star as usual. he put in a lovely un in Gd 4 jumping very early in the morning in the rain and ended up 4th.Here is his round

Chip also did a cracking Gd 5 Agility rounds in the pouring rain. He was going so well but completely slipped sideways off the seesaw as it was wet. I continued the round so as to work his dogwalk. I am over the moon at how his contacts are progressing.I sometimes run them to keep the speed and sometimes stop him,he obviously doesn't know when this will be.I have include a video of this round as I was so pleased with him.You can here him skidding also along the dogwalk


The weather was glorious,hot,hot hot.
Woody was once again my little starlet. he is such an honest dog. He put in a great Gd 4 jumping and Agility round on the Saturday. He ended up 6th and 7th in each.On the Sunday he got a further 9th in Grade 4 Agility. Jenny ran him in one jumping round. I have sort of loaned Woody to her for an odd jumping round as Jennie hasn't got Stella to work for a while. Woody got a lovely clear but sadly out of the places.I have included it here though.

Mr Chip...well he was a little OTT for some reason and almost certainly had his poodle head on.If I asked him to turn right he turned left or vice versa,he is also going through a stage of back jumping ???If we did both get it right he then got a pole down !!....but his times were brilliant and I was especially pleased he did get a pole down in the Gd 5 agility on the Sunday because it was a very tricky course, he had the fastest time when I went & looked towards the end of the class. I really don't want him in Gd 6 before the end of the year if I can help it.
He did a lovely Gd 3-5 Jumping ,lovely and tight(one little hiccup at the end of the snake) but once again a dreaded pole down. Must be me I think !! Here is that round


We had the phone call on the Tuesday afternoon saying they wanted Disney for a video shoot for Hills dog food the next morning!! Luckily we only had to go to Shepherds Bush.
Well Disney as usual was a star. I had to stand a good 10 ft away from him behind camera,and he had to go through a sit,stand & down sequence,turn his head from right to left and then stay still. All in one shoot ! Thanks goodness for his Obedience distance control work. He was FANTASTIC. Disney loves to be behind the camera and would work all day. He made it look easy and the other lady was dreading having to do the same thing later with 3 other dogs,who are not obedience trained and would find it hard to do this with the handler close up,let alone so far away.I am sure even my other dogs couldn't have done this so well and for so many times, without getting tired and fed up. It was sooooo hot in the studio,it was hot outside and then with all the studio lights as well. I will keep you posted when it appears on the Hills website.

Monday, April 28, 2008

WBSDS Show at Newbury & my own club news

Firstly I just have to say how very proud I am of 6 of my very own club members. They did their first UKA show at the weekend and they were ALL placed in their relevant classes. 2 of them even got a 1st and qualified for one of the finals that UKA do. In all they have probably had about 7 months of training and they were all complete beginners.Fantastic.

Right back to my weekend

Well at long last the nice weather arrived.
Woody's paw has healed (thank goodness)So I decided to go ahead & work him, but I put a special bandage (the one that sticks to itself ) on it just to protect the paw from any scuffs. He was fine and was so overjoyed to be working again. His first run was Grade 4-5 agility. He did a fantastic round,his contacts were fast and good and just after his run he went into 1st place. However he actually ended up 5th. I was very pleased with that as I really don't want him to win out of Grade 4. He is very comfortable in that grade and the courses suit him well.
He then went into Grade 4-5 jumping and came 7th in this.
Here is a video of his Agility round

As sure as eggs are eggs ,as soon as the video comes out I have terrible rounds with Chip.!!( missed all his good rounds because of the weather) He was totally over the top most of the weekend and even started bitching in one class !! maybe time for a little operation I think (poor Chip)
However he did do one lovely round. It was a Grade 5-7 jumping class(up with the big boys) he was lovely,but he had one pole down,he did it in a good time and I was extremely happy and pleased with him. here is the video of that round

Lastly ,but not least is Disney.
He did some great and not so great rounds. He actually came 4th in Gd 7 agility but they were only doing presentations down to 3rd. I find him quite hard to work nowadays compared with the honesty of both Chip and Woody. They rarely take the wrong jumps unless its my error,whereas dear Disney will just do whatever he fancies sometimes. he still makes me smile and I just love working him,he's such fun. I can't believe he will be 10 in a couple of weeks,I am just so pleased to still be working him and for him to still be as keen ,fast and competitive

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wallingford news & Woody's paw,

Well Woody's cut paw is taking a time to heal. he keeps licking it and tears any bandaging off that I put on. So no Wallingford for him. I went to Obedience club on Thursday and several people recommended dipping his paw in a very very dilute bleach solution ! apparently it works wonders on cut paws and really accelerated healing. I have to say that although I went out and bought the thin bleach I only tried it once. He immediately licked his paw again afterwards and I was really concerned about the bleach in his mouth.

Once I got to the show,everyone else recommended *New Skin* but that is supposed to be put on just after the accident, and I was concerned about putting it on a week later, so in desperation ,and on everyones recommendation ,I put Woody,my dear gentle soppy boy in a muzzle.!! In the hope it would allow the wound to heal. Well it seemed to be working up till yesterday . I took it off so he could eat and drink and I was then side tracked by the front door bell. When I got back(yes you've guessed) he had licked his paw and made it bleed again !!!!!!!!! So back on with the muzzle and straight up to the chemist for some new skin. Today(Tuesday) its looking good again,so fingers crossed.

So back to Wallingford

Fantastic news, Chip won Grade 5 Jumping. It was a tricky course and I went in after only about 20 odd dogs had already been. I was the first clear round(most being eliminated) and held the lead for over 200 dogs.!! His round was a joy,smooth, tight and very fast. Unfortunately once again no video.

In his other 2 agility rounds he had a pole down in one, and did a run by in the other. It gave me a great opportunity however to work his contacts.

Sunday there were no large dog runs apart from Brace pairs,which I obviously couldn't do because of Woody's paw, so I just worked Disney. he came 1st in the grade 6/7 jumping.

His 2 agility rounds were not so great..he definitely had his poodle head on for them !!!!!! Once again it gave me a good opportunity for contact work.

So this weekend its WBSDS at Newbury.The weather forecast looks good,I'll keep you informed as to how it goes.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Funny week weather wise !!

On Sunday I was due to go back to Scrambles show again, but I woke at 6-45 am , looked out of the window and all I could see was a thick blanket of snow,so I turned round and went straight back to bed for an hr.
I took the dogs out in the snow mid morning and they had a great time. Chip even did some weaving in the snow

On Wednesday another change in Temperature. It was so beautifully warm I decided to take my minded kids out to Bushy Park. I took Woody and Chip along as well and we had a fabulous morning. The joys of Childminding,enjoying the lovely weather outdoors,

On Wednesday evening I went training with Chip. I came away on an extreme high. As everyone who trains at Bookham knows ,Lynne and John Ward put up very complicated Grade 7 type exercises. Chip was on fire. He did everything beautifully, he was tight, fast and his contacts were superb. I think he went clear on all but one of the courses/exercises.What a boy !! It all bodes well for next weekend,

Friday we once again had peculiar weather. I set off on my walk in Esher woods in brilliant sunshine. Within 15 minutes the sky turned black,we had thunder and lightning( which I hate) and the rain and hailstones came. 15 minutes later blue skies and sun ,only to be followed once again a while later with more thunder and torrential rain. We finished the walk over an hr later in brilliant sunshine !!!!

Saturday morning Woody managed to cut his pad . It seems to be fine and not very deep but trying to keep it clean and covered is certainly causing problems!! Even though I am smothering the bandage in Bitter Apple he is still taking it off. I am hoping he'll still be able to compete at Wallingford,even if its just the team event ,but we'll see. He's not limping on it now( or if he is its very slight) and the cut seems to be sealing so time will tell. I cerainly won't run him if there is any doubt.

Today Andrea had hoped to come up to me to do some training with Quiche, but once again the weather couldn't decide what to do and it was a repeat of Friday nearly all day.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Scrambles Saturday

What a difference a day makes !! Today was Cold and Wet. It wasn't too bad in the morning but by lunchtime the rain came.

Another very very successful day.
Beth, my 9 yr old niece, came along in the morning to work Woody and Chip in the Steeplechase. She trains with Woody every week and I felt this was a good opportunity for her to run Woody as there aren't many shows at the moment with Jr classes. She worked Chip first but unfortunately Chip went wrong and then he ran out the ring to look for me ! I shooed him back in and he then went on the finish the round very well.
Woody was in next. What a little star he was, and Beth handled him brilliantly. They came 2nd
Here is a video of her round

I was so pleased with Chip again. Every other class I opted for training rounds.His waits and contacts were brilliant. I worked his Agility round and he had the fastest time by 3.5 seconds but unfortunately got a pole down. Not all his rounds were videoed ,but here he is in the pairs.see his lovely wait and superb fast contacts.Shame he had the first pole down because that cost them a top 3 place !!!!

I trained Disney's rounds.
The star of both days is certainly Woody. 6 classes and 6 places..2 x 1st,1 x 2nd and 3 x 3rds. Beth has the 2nd place rosette missing from the picture.

Here is his Agility round

Friday, April 04, 2008

Scrambles UKA Show(Friday)

Wow what a day..The sun shone all day and temperatures reached 18.5 degrees !!!! I didn't wear a T-shirt so I was sweltering.

It was lovely to have a show just 5 mins from my house.
I had entered the show mainly to train Chips contacts and more importantly his waits. I knew I would probably have to run the first class like a proper competition so that he would not know it was training.
His first class was Agility and I was disappointed that the second obstacle was the seesaw. It didn't give me any great distance for a wait and so chips wait was brilliant. I still made use of the round and worked his contacts ..His A-frame was spectacular,he literally jumped over the top of it at such speed it was unbelievable, he only hit one part of the down contact area and then landed with flair beautifully on the contact with 2 on and 2 off !! he then did a fantastic dog walk and also stopped dead.
In his steeplechase he broke the wait so I was able to correct him,the second time he did a 3 jump wait so I was able to praise him and then I let him do some jumps.
In the jumping I took the tuggy toy in with me (beauty of UKAgility shows) I hid it under my jumper,walked out to the second jump waited there for a second and then returned to him and produced my toy and played like mad with him. I reset him and then did the same start,this time I waited a bit longer,verbally praised him and then let him continue the class,I was then able to throw the toy over the last jump for a send on. A GOOD days training I feel. Lets see what tomorrow brings?
Woody was my star as always.....1st in the Novice agility, 3rd in the steeplechase ,and when I left he was laying 1st in the jumping..I'll have the result tomorrow. What a boy.
Disney I elected to run NFC in the agility(only class I entered) just to work on contacts.

Libby's Better !!

HOORAY..we are over it ! Libby has continued to get better and is now back on normal food and doing well. I am so shocked at how much weight she has lost though. She was already skin and bone and now she has lost another 1.5Kg and is down to 16.5 kg,less weight than my 2 boys. She certainly doesn't have anything to fall back on if she's poorly again. I can't tell you how relieved I am that she's better.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What a Weekend !

Hubby had to take his lovely Goldwing to Devon at the weekend to get a CB fitted, so as I didn't have a show we decided to go and visit my best friend Jane ( who deserted me 2 years ago to go and live in sunny Devon) and spend the weekend with her and her husband. We had planned to have maybe 2 lovely walks on Dartmoor. Well the weather was against us the whole weekend. The moment we arrived the heavens opened. The men decided to stay at home , whilst Jane and I braved a walk in the woods with her 9 dogs and my 2. We had only taken Woody and Chip with us for the weekend, because they fit in so well with her crowd, whereas Disney isn't too happy( to say the least) around other dogs. As it turned out we ended up having an almost dry walk.

Saturday Jane had to work,but that didn't matter as Steve and I went caravan looking,and once again we had hoped to go for our long walk in the afternoon,well the torrential rain didn't stop ALL day.
On Sunday morning we had a phone call from Laura to say that our elderly Standard Poodle *Libby* was very poorly. She had acute diarrhoea,vomiting and passing blood. She had no transport and our vet was closed ,only a locum was on duty at another surgery who was unreachable !!
I was extremely worried as Jane has a fair knowledge of Dogs( having worked in a vets for the past 10 years)and she feared that Libby's organs may be shutting down. Libby has been on borrowed time for the last year or so, she has a severe heart and lung condition and is frighteningly thin.

We finished walking the dogs( We were already out when the calls came)and then went back, got all our belongings together and left for home. I really was expecting the worst when we got in,but incredibly Libby looked quite bright. She ate some boiled fish and seemed much better.
I had planned to take her straight to the emergency vet but felt that maybe she was on the mend so decided to wait till the morning.
I then proceeded to get my carpet shampoer out to clean the carpets where she had messed. Laura had done a good job of clearing up but they definitely needed a more thorough job. I had just done one sweep across the carpet when it went *BANG* and blue smoke appeared.......the blooming thing had blown up.

Libby was still not right in the morning and so I saw Emily ,my Vet the next day .She gave Libby a jab,some antibiotics,probiotics and some special food ,hoping that it was just a nasty bug, but also said she could not rule out a variety of much worse things. Unfortunately she felt that if Libby didn't pick up within 2-3 days it would be kinder to say goodbye.

Well I am writing this on Tuesday night and things have improved a little. She has stopped vomiting and passing blood *but* she is till loose. So please keep fingers and toes crossed and pray hard that she will get better. I know its fantastic that she has reached the grand age of 14 yrs(for a Standard poodle that's amazing) and every day she's with us its a miracle ,but its so hard to watch them when they are so poorly and wonder if I'm being kind keeping her going.
I am sure I'll know when the time is right.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Celebration Show

Well I have just returned from a very very cold , but very very successful Easter Celebration show.
We arrived on Thursday and were parked in the helpers camping area ( which is nice and near the rings) because Jennie was Judging and we were all helping on her ring. Unfortunately it was decided on the Friday morning by the organisers, because of the weather conditions to move the show over to the other side of Ardingly into the indoor arena and outside sand schools. As it transpired we were then miles away. We really didn't mind because at least the show was able to go ahead. I drove all mine and Andreas dogs in the Van up to be nearer the building each morning,unfortunately this meant I couldn't park next to my Caravan at night, because of the risk of getting stuck or churning up the already muddy grass. One good thing about it was we had an almost private camping and exercise area ( very peaceful !!)

Now back to my Dogs runs. Unfortunately I don't have any video as it was sooooo cold and we didn't really feel like geting frost bite whilst videoing, and sods law I did some of my best runs !!

On the Saturday :


  • 2nd in the Easter connection class
  • 4th in the Gd 4-7 jumping.
The tunnel demon was still with me and Disney in his agility class !!!


  • 2nd in the Gd 4-5 Jumping , he led the class all morning and then was beaten near the end by 0-05 sec !!
  • 5th in Gd 4-5 Jumping
  • 12th Gd 4-5 Agility

Sunday was a fab day


  • 2nd in the KC Novice Olympia qualifier
  • 2nd in Gd 5 Jumping
  • 5th in 1-7 Helter Skelter

  • 10th in Grade 4 Jumping
  • 15th in Grade 3/4 Jumping
I am very proud of my boys,in particular Mr Chip. I am overjoyed he actually got the 2nd in the KC Olympia qualifier ,because it means he gets to stay in Grade 5 as well as qualifying for the Semi's later this year.I feel Grade 6 may be too much for him at the moment, although he does seem to cope fairly well with the more complicated courses.
The most frightening thing was when we went into his final class on Sunday ( Grade 5-6 agility)
He sat on the start line,shivering with excitement and frothing at the mouth, !! By the time the scrimer said in your own time, he was almost uncontrollable. I managed to get a 2 jump wait however, and then he set off like a missile . He did the first 3 jumps beautifully ,but didn't listen on the 4th and rather than turn right decided to take the jump straight in front.
I hope this isn't a sign of things to come now his confidence is souring.!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mid Downs

I love Mid Downs Show. The first show of the season for me, well apart from Crufts.
I was really looking forward to starting the year with Chip in Grade 5. At Mid Downs he had his first Big Boy class .. Grade 5-7. I was elated at his performance. I have been working very hard on increasing his speed over the Dog walk. His A-frame has never been as slow and his see saw is the exact opposite ( too fast sometimes !) He had a bad turn after the A-frame ,this must have cost him a second of time, but he still ended up 16th!

Here is a video of his round

Woody had 3 excellent rounds but unfortunately had a pole down in the jumping.I pushed him too hard in his agility round and he skipped out the last weave !! He was doing a fantastic Gd 4-5 Agility round and I felt he was clear,but he got marked on his Dog walk !! The position of the jump after the Dog walk meant I had to get him right to the end so I could push him over the jump, I am so sure he must have got the contact ( and he rarely misses dog walk contacts) that I was dumb struck when I saw his sheet. Still that's the way the cookie crumbles,you win some, you lose some. I was really pleased with him anyway.I didn't get the round videoed but I do have one of his jumping round where he knocked the pole.

March including Crufts 2008

I have at long last decided to join the band wagon and start my own Blog,especially as its the start of the new Agility season.I hope you will bear with me whilst I get the hang of it. Any help warmly welcome. I shall back date this to the beginning of March so I can include my Crufts experience.!!!!!!!!!!!

My preparation for Crufts 2008 started in ernest back in January. I did a bad injury to my Hamstring/Piriformis(Bottom) muscle back last July. At the time I saw a sports Physio and she did various deep massages to try and release the tightened muscle, but it just refused to get better. I did lots of swimming right up till December before we went to Olympia. After Xmas I decided that I had to once again try to get to get this injury fixed. I went back to my original Physio for Acupuncture. I had 6 sessions and it definitely helped, she also said that although my hamstring was tight, the actual injury site was just behind my hip bone.
I also invested in a magnet bracelet, a magnetic hand massager, and also a month ago bought a very expensive electronic massager (like they use on horses) Things have definitely improved but I still have to run on pain killers/anti-inflamatories.

Disney's preparation was regular swimming and a slight increase in training. I also did a couple of extra Toni D training sessions with him as well.

Well Crufts came round very quickly . Jane ,my best friend came up from Devon to stay.We went up on the Thursday for a shopping day. Friday was an early start..5am. Disney and I were part of the Sunbury & Hanworth DTC team. Sue & Bug went first and got 5 faults. I went second, Disney did an uncharacteristic back jump on the long jump and we got the big*E*. Toni Johnson & Mouse were 3rd and also got an *E*. Alan Gardener and Jude were last and he went clear. Even with the 2 eliminations we were 5th,just one place from qualifying for the final.

Saturday I stayed home.It was my Dad's 90th Birthday and the the family were doing a special birthday lunch. We had a lovely relaxing afternoon.

Sunday back up to Crufts, Another early start,we left at 6 am again. Today was Champ day. The courses were incredibly trappy and tricky. First was the jumping..Disney did a fantastic round,he listened to me all the way,I have posted the video below.He came 2nd. Next was the Agility round,unfortunately my camcorder decided at that moment to play up so I don't have that round to post yet..hopefully I will get it sent to me soon.Disney was again a very good boy,it was a bit nail biting with a lot of panic moments but we got round it, and it secured our slot in the finals. There were so many eliminations that only 3 medium dogs got through to the Final. I was very confident as Disney had beaten the other dogs many times ,and I knew we just had to pull off a clear. I really really wanted this, Disney will be 10 in May and it would have been lovely to have made him up to an Agility Champion at Crufts. I could then have just enjoyed his last year or so of competing without all the pressure of Champ classes.I also fear that with all the new small ultra fast collies now coming out ie Gemma & Hoax and Natasha's Dizzy etc that the chances of Disney getting the last 2 CC's is now fairly remote. Well as the whole of the country and millions of viewers saw it all went horribly wrong. Disney did a wonderful wait ,putting me in the right spot for the jump tunnel combination, he however missed the jump and I had to get him to do it, putting me in the wrong place for the tunnel, he then took this from the wrong end !! I should have carried on but I decided ( as it transpired)to put him back into the right end, he however then started to argue with me, and for what seemed like an eternity barked whilst I tried to put him in it. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me,I felt sooo embarrassed. I couldn't wait to finish the course and get out. I have to confess to having a small cry as I walked out back..all my hopes and dreams gone.

Still after a day or so I put things back into perspective and vowed to try really hard to get those 2 cc's this year.

So last Sunday I set off to Chippenham to try and do just that. I was feeling stronger ,more confident and somehow had a new determination.

Disney repeated the Crufts scenario..Fantastic Jumping round (Video below) in which he got 2nd again. He also got a clear in the Agility. He was 3rd from last to go in the Final and yes you've guessed..ELIMINATION. Not in such a spectacular way as Crufts but still a big * E * This time however it was entirely my fault. Terrible body language and I pointed him directly at the jump rather than pull him past it to get into the weaves.

What I have noted now is Disneys increasing barking/arguing at me on the courses !!!!!! I am finding this very frustrating , it seems to be when he's in the position of facing me,such as pulling him towards me rather than sending on away from me.... something else to tack

Disney's Crufts Champ Jumping Round (2nd Place)

Chippenham.Disneys Champ Jumping Round( 2nd Place)