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Sunday, January 31, 2016


I mentioned in my last post about Pixels out of control behaviour during training. Someone commented about me doing Susan Garrett "its yer choice" training and I mentioned I had been doing this amongst other things. I have done a little video of what Pixel is doing so far.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

9 months old

Well Pixel is now 9 months old. She is 8.6kg and 15.5 " tall. She hasn't grown in the last month, so i think this is how tall she will be.
She is still a monster of a puppy, so so naughty and hyperactive, never sleeps ( apart from at night ) but she is ultra cute, very bright and I can now smile when I look at her :-)
She has personality plus :-)

Her foundation agility continues and she is very hard work ( well would we expect any different ? )
Boo was hard work motivating. Pixel is hard work because she is the other way. She is very driven, hyper, manic, barks and bites :-( Her toy drive is immense and very strong.
Yesterday during training her attempts to bite succeeded and she got me on my boob :-( Its not deliberate, its just total frustration and hype.
So after lots of consideration and thought it has been decided to withdraw her toys mostly from agility training until I can get her focussed more and calm her down.
I will find this strange as I have always played tuggy and used toys with my dogs. I have come to a compromise by using treat balls. these are little balls that have a velcro fastening that you can put food in. So she can still have the joy of running out after a toy, but hopefully the calm will come with the reward of a treat from the ball. I do have both balls on their own or ones with a short tug, so I will see how things go over the next month or so.
Below is a little video of some of her foundation work last weekend. You can see clearly in it the issues I have with the barking and jumping up etc.
I am hoping I will look back on this blog in a years time and these issues will all be a distant memory :-) If they aren't then I think I will have given up agility by then with her.

I had to finish this blog with a very appropriate poster ..lol lol :-)

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my viewers. Sadly no one seems to comment on my blog anymore :-( Now I don't know if this is because no one reads this, or they cant comment for some reason or just don't want to. So if anyone reads this please can they put just a simple comment every now and again, so I know if people can actually comment or not :-) Its also so I know if people do actually read it, or am I just writing this for myself ( which isn't a problem because I like having the blog to look back on anyway  )

Anyway.. News update.

I had huge plans to start Pixel on channel weaves and some plank work for her contacts over Xmas. Rain and bad weather put paid to any outside training, and the spare room that has the plank in was full to bursting with Xmas decoration boxes so couldn't be used.
So I've concentrated on control games with her. I have been working hard on her wait in all situations. Even on walks any opportunity I get to do a wait with exciting things going on I do. It seems to be paying off and she has more self control in this situation.
She also has to sit and stay on her mat while I prepare food ..this she finds hard but we are getting there. She also has to sit and control herself when we have visitors. She is so "me, me me " and throws herself at visitors, jumping about 10ft in the air often landing on one of the other dogs, and growling in the process. It was totally insane and out of control..so now she is made to sit and invited for the attention...very much work in progress :-)

I have also been doing more Obedience bits with her. I find I have to keep her busy active mind and body occupied all the time, if not she just gets into mischief constantly .
Its almost impossible to have her in the lounge with us while we have a quiet evening. All the other dogs are beautifully settled, but she just doesn't settle at all.  She bounces from one sofa to the other, annoys the other dogs and is just constantly on the go. We had her in the lounge a couple of days ago. We tried hard to watch the film and occasionally she settled with a bone or Antler. Steve was sitting on the floor and suddenly he heard a chewing noise, in a flash she had started to gnaw our brand new expensive coffee table :-(Steve was sitting literally next to her !!! Steve went slightly ballistic, as did I. At that point I think I would have cheerfully given her away to anyone who had knocked on the door !! However I actually think she knew this time she had done wrong because we actually had an hour with her quietly laying next to me on the sofa after that :-)
She has completely destroyed ALL the kitchen chairs and we are now down to 2 !! They wont have long to go either. I have bought 4 new ones to take their place when and if she stops chewing !!

Walks have also become more of a trial. She has now found that chasing birds is a great pastime !!! And she now herds us constantly. She is still very into other dogs and wants to rush up to greet any dog big or small. I have taken to putting her on lead if I see an unknown dog approach as she has no manners with them and will jump on them as she does with her own pack, and I don't want her hurt. Once she's calmly said her hello, I let her off and she can play if the other dog wants. I don't want to discourage her friendliness with other dogs at all, but equally I don't want her launching at them

Life with Miss Pixel is VERY hard and VERY stressful and I often think about her brothers and sisters and how their owners must be coping. However I do think if she had been an only dog or maybe with a singular older dog, things would have been different. We have had her in with us on her own and she is much calmer and less excitable. My other dogs have always played with her and encouraged her lunacy really.

I actually want her to come into season soon. I am hoping she will then start to mature and settle ? Who knows ?? Is that just wishful thinking ?

Here is a video of her at Obedience class last Thursday. I am thrilled with her style and as she has become stronger so has style :-) Still loads to work on. I have also uploaded a little video of her on our wet and soggy walk yesterday with the birds.


I have made the decision to stop training Boo at Agility classes for the next few months. She doesn't enjoy the indoor venue, its filthy dirty and she gets so clogged up in wet sand and mud , and although she is so much better than she was last year after her fright, she still isnt quite there !! If she was loving it I would put up with the sand, mud etc etc..but for a dog that isnt that bothered I don't see the point in spending money on classes, travelling to training and then the clear up after :-(

I will possibly return when training restarts outside in late Spring, but I will just see how we are going. In the meantime , once my field is useable again, I will just train her on my own in my field. 
She is never going to set the world alight and she is such a contrast to Pixel. Obedience is definitely where she excels and what she enjoys. Obedience is not my first love though :-( 

This year I am just going to do small local agility shows and the odd weekend show. I will definitely do a couple of week long shows up north as I so enjoy them as a holiday as much as anything. They are so nice and chilled and relaxed too :-) 
I will also enter a few more localish Obedience shows for Boo -)


Disney is still doing so well. He now has some new medication from the vets and I think this is definitely helping him as he seems more relaxed generally :-) He is now 5 months off his 18th Birthday. I would so love him to celebrate it if possible.
I have also started him and Woody on Cannabis Oil..yes thats right Cannabis...lol.
This was on advice from someone and after reading all about it I felt I had nothing to lose.  It is rich in CBD, a substance known for a multitude of medical benefits including relief from stress , anxiety inflammation and pain and is particularly good for ageing dogs. There are many studies using this on the internet, so have a google . They have been on it 2 days and are on the starting dose at the moment gently leading up to the full amount. I will report back in a month and let you know how things are :-)

So please place a comment if you are reading this :-) 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Approaching 8 months !

Well I'm surviving ..just.
I have had a few tears recently over madam Pixel. Her Obedience is coming on really well, in fact anything that is in a controlled way is coming on great. But get her into the hype of agility foundation or anything exciting and she is like the devil reincarnate..she barks, bites and is generally very OTT.

Pixel now weight in at 8.4kg and is 15.5" tall at the shoulder. So she is continuing to grow. She is the exact same size and weight that Boo is now.
She is still the most destructive dog I have ever had, and although I am a very experienced dog trainer, she is totally beating me.

We are doing a small foundation training course with Hannah Banks. There are 7 puppies of similar ages in the group. They are all lovely and calm and do all the things in a lovely relaxed way. Then comes Pixel. If I do anything that requires me to hold her to start, she spins round and tries to bark/bite when I let her go...She then forgets what I have asked her and runs round barking at me trying to grab her toy. When she does do it..she is amazingly fast, but its the in between bits that are scary.  It takes me a while to get hold of her after she has done whatever it is. At home or on a walk I can call her to me , take hold of her harness/collar and put her on a lead. Try to get hold of the little "b" when she's finished at agility and she is awful. If anyone takes their go before I have got her, she runs and joins them too. :-(
I can get her to me by using a titbit, make her do a trick and then calmly take her by her collar. This all takes time and I feel guilty about people waiting.
I did mange to get her to do a tunnel combination by leaving her in a controlled ( sort of ) wait, moving a little way from her and she focussed enough to do it.

We now have an Xmas break so I have bought Susan Garrets crate Games DVD which helps teach dogs self control. I have already been working on some aspects of control in the home environment. She now has to sit on a mat and wait patiently for her dinner to be prepared and served. Up to this point she was jumping like Tigger and getting so worked up waiting that she totally exhausted herself, which couldn't be good for her digestion.

So my battles continue. I will update once Ive started the crate training :-)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

7 months old foundation agility

Well Pixel is now 7 mths old, 7.9kg and 15" Tall. She's still mad a hatter, non stop energy, noisy, destructive and a little madam. However she is so cute I cant help but smile ( some of the time )

I have started proper foundation agility classes with her and she is VERY keen, very noisy, very excitable and a bit bitey.

below is a little snippet from a tunnel exercise we were doing on a Toni training session. Next month when she is 8 months old I will introduce her to channel weaves and contacts. I still have my contact trainer that I had for Boo and its up in the spare room (that no longer has a bed in it) so even in the wet weather I can practice her end position. I will be doing a running A-Frame so that wont be possible indoors.

Disney update

It has been a while since I have posted about Disney. He is now just over 17.5 years old. He is still amazing, although sadly old age is creeping up on him. He can still manage to go up and down the stairs at night, but is finding it more of a struggle. I think his failing sight may have something to do with it also.

He can still sprint across the filed when he wants, and the other night he decided to play games with me when I took him out for his last pee before bed. He proceeded to run past me  into the field. He then didn't want to come in and decided to run up the path alongside the field away from me. I was in my dressing gown and I was so glad that not only wasn't it too cold and wet, but no one was around !! he cant hear as he's stone deaf so I couldn't shout for him, I just had to wait for him to come back.

He also still enjoys a game of tug and is still really strong.

He hates being groomed now, and so I tend to leave him longer than I should. A few weeks had gone past and I noticed he had lots of matts . But he was getting even more stressed about being groomed so I decided he should be clipped off, even though I knew I'd hate it :-(

However he hated the clippers even more than the grooming so I have no choice but to sit patiently , smother him in various detangling sprays and gels and set to work. 

Well not only did I manage to groom all his tangles and knots out, I managed to clip his nails and bath him. We then had a little photo shoot . I think you will agree he doesn't look at all like a 17.5 year old dog ! In fact I have pictures of him at 6-7 years old looking very similar albeit without a little grey beard ..lol

Thursday, October 29, 2015

6 Months old

Well she made it..Pixel is now 6 months old..well actually 6.5 months nearly.  She weighs in at just 7 kg and is 14" at the shoulder. I am now taking bets as to what height she will eventually be. I have always thought she would be mid way between Boo and Disney, but at the moment she is still 1" smaller than Boo !! Disney is 16.75" tall, so who knows ??
She continues to be hard work and a very wilful madam. However we have just got back from a few days down at my friend Jane. she was such an angel down there. She just slotted in with all Janes Standard Poodles and GSD , she loved the walks and she slept ( yes slept) during the evenings. However the moment we got home she reverted back to the pup from hell, and immediately started to destroy an indestructible dog bed !! inner soles from hubbies shoes, and bought half the garden back inside. During this past week she has now decided to chew her crate bed too :-( When will it end ??

Here are a few pics from our break at Janes including a little video at the end.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pixels Obedience

Gosh look at me...3 posts in one month :-)

I just wanted to post this little video of Pixel doing her Obedience training. So pleased with her :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A couple of Firsts :-)

We Pixel had her very first motivational agility foundation class last Sunday with Dan Shaw.

She was fab. Very keen and not too noisy. It was only for an hour and there were 6 dogs in the class.
It gave me a glimpse of what she may be capable of :-)
Here is a little short video :-)

We also did another nice walk in Bushy park and Pixel had her first swim. After her first experience at the beach where she got accidentally dunked by my friends standard poodle I was concerned it may have put her off...well as you will see it didnt :-)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pixel 5 mth update

Pixel is almost 5 months now. and dare I say it but she is calming down just a very very little.

She is still stroppy, has tantrums, is destructive, is on the go constantly...but I can see chinks of goodness appearing :-)
Her walks have increased in length now as she's joining the big boys and girl for their walks in Bushy Park.

She starts her walk on a long line until I am sure she is respecting both the dogs ( not jumping on and grabbing them) and  also to make sure she is clued into the fact she comes back when called. After about 5-10 minutes she comes off the long line and so far so good.

She had her single , one and only ,vaccination at 18 wks. She was fine and I did relax afterwards.
I will get her titre tested in about 3 weeks time to make sure all is well :-)

She is growing like a weed and weighs in at 6kg. She is roughly 13.5" at her shoulder.

Tomorrow she has her first puppy foundation play session with Dan Shaw :-) I think she is going to be a challenge at this also. She is very vocal and bitey as soon as we do anything exciting .. hopefully I may get a bit of video :-)

Here are a few pics of her taken a couple of days ago , along with a little video of her recalls.
Sorry about my noise...lol